This name is cute and all and is a very cute nickname, but I think that everyone who hears this thinks of the deer Bambi.
I see these negative comments getting upvotes and I must say this name is a very pleasant name and is quite suitable for a young girl or even an older woman. It doesn’t sound like a stripper name (any name can be a stripper name) and it doesn’t look too “cutesy” it’s a nice name. Simple, a tad vintage, and with a bit of flare!
WOW, some of these comments. But my name is Bambi and as a little girl yes I got teased a lot in school, kids were so cruel! I was given this name at birth like anyone else. It sucked as a child to have that name but as I grew up I liked it bc it's not common. It's different, who wants a name that is used over and over like Stephanie or Ashely. I do not think it should be used as a boy name but as a girl name. I think it's pretty.
I love this name, and I wish it wasn't so readily associated with the Disney movie. I love that it is a vintage name that isn't over-used. If it weren't for the movie, I would consider naming a little girl this and perhaps call her Bea as a nn.
Why would you name your child after a deer.. that's just OFFENSIVE.
Two words: A deer.
I’d never use it as a name for a baby girl.
Bambi is very immature.
I actually like it a lot as a nickname for Bambina which is Italian for little girl. Bambi is an adorable name.
Too cutesy and it sounds like a stripper name.
Bambi is one of so many pretty names that have been ruined by association. Others are Maybelline and Antoinette. Bambi’s a little cutesy, but it would be fine if it wasn’t for the deer movie.
In my opinion, the name in itself is okay as long as it's paired with another name, like Bambi Jo or Bambi Grace.
I wouldn’t name my kid this. It’s a cute name, but for like a pet cat or dog, not a person. That being said, if the name “Bambi” means little girl, then why was the Disney character in the movie a male buck/deer? That makes no sense.
Bambi in my country is synonymous with homosexual, or a young boy having homosexual tendencies. It is not appropriate to name men here in Brazil in this way.
A bit too cutesy, and I think it was the name of some stripper.
Bambi is a really cute nickname for a little girl, but it sounds ridiculous on an older woman.
I happen to know a Bambi, and she’s one of the finest, most sensuous, independent, and self-confident women that I’ve ever met! Personally, she epitomizes the beauty that’s instinctively associated with the name itself!
Bambi is an adorable name for a little boy or girl but I can't take anyone over the age of eleven with that name seriously.
I adore the name Bambi. Absolutely beautiful.
I *love* the name Bambi. I'm thinking of naming a new dog (bitch) I'm getting today that way.

I've never known anybody with this name. I have all the by now obvious associations, I even have a romantic picture in my head of how I think a woman named Bambi should look like.

But, when you think about naming your baby, give it some seriously really good considerations. You might be resented for it by him/her for life.

I am Caucasian male, with a Chinese sounding name, what most commonly is interpreted as female when used in chat etc. When I speak to people on the phone, they expect an Asian dude.

No, 'Ian' ain't my real name. I hate my so called parents for life for making the choice they did when they had to pick a name for me, they must have hated me pre-birth.
Honestly, lots of people think about a little boy deer when they hear Bambi.
Bambi in Italian can mean bambi-no (male baby) because in Italian there is a male and female of each word, which does not exist in English. So Bambi in the case of Felix Salten meant "bambino" (young boy) or better translated "child". (Although in Italy it is not used, it would be considered a name for both sexes like Andrea and a few others).
My birth given name is Bambi. I must admit it did cause me trouble, especially in high school. I found, and still find, that people don't take me seriously. I am 56 now and have accepted my name, even though I don't think it fits a person my age.
Bambi Smith was the professional name of a famous Australian model who also played violin for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. She married a cousin of Queen Elizabeth amongst a lot of scandal.
Read about her under her married title: Patricia_Lascelles, _Countess_of_Harewood, _Countess_of_Harewood
As yet another bearer of the name Bambi, please don't use it for your children. By all means, use it as a nickname but not as their official name. What is cute at 4 or 13 years isn't suitable as a professional adult (unless you're participating in the " entertainment professions" now associated with cute diminutive names). I think it'll be great again when I'm 80 but I HATE having to explain repeatedly that "Yes, it is my real name", "No, my parents were not hippies" and finally "I am not named after the Disney character".
I have to work so hard to be taken seriously because people are always distracted by my name and wanting to know about it. This may seem like a good way for your child to be original and remembered but it is tiresome. Yes, Italians love my name, after they've finished laughing "Bella Bambina". Cute but not a human name.
Fun fact: in the show Scrubs, Carla's nickname for J.D. is Bambi.
I know a 60 year old woman named Bambi. And her name sure suits her! She's a total ditz goofball. And if that weren't enough, she wants her grandchild to call her Bam Bam. Dear Lord. Named after a Disney character and now wants to be called one of the Flintstones.
Honestly, my name is Bamby and I am 13 years old with no problems whatsoever. I've lived with this name for 13 years and so far I haven't been made fun of for having a name associated with a fawn in a popular movie. People's impressions of my name are natural and to be proud of because never in my entire life have I been called a slut, stripper, ditzy or anything that was mentioned above, though the only things I have been called of for my name are cute, unique and the regular impressions for having a name associated with an old popular movie. I honestly think that mothers out there have absolutely no problem naming their baby GIRLS Bambi, or in my case Bamby, because I have personal real-life experience with this name as well as international opinions from many people I've met (I travel a lot) and had no problems at all.
You are going to name your child BAMBI!? Well the poor deer...
It has been expressed here by many that because of the way Bambi has been frequently used in the past and/or the impression people have of it with such characters as porn stars and strippers that it should be avoided. That I believe is taking an abstraction (which is all that a name is) far too seriously. Bambi for many is a beautiful sounding name. If you like it, use it for your baby. Adore her, love her, raise her to be a wonderful human being and you will help change the name to the beautiful connotations this name deserves. Dare to be original. Dare to be different. That is being a free human being to ultimate that surely you want your child to be.
Bambi Northwood-Blyth is an Australian fashion model that changed her name from Stefani to Bambi.
Bambi can sound gentle and aware of the natural environment. If an intelligent, attractive woman wears the name well, then it will work at any age. Forget the clichés of our often rather hopeless culture.
This name actually makes me think of Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones!

I used to work with a Bambi. She was in her 50's or 60's and from Vietnam. She had minimal English and took her job as a cafeteria cashier very seriously. Her nametag "Bambi" didn't seem to fit her. I guess it sounds less silly to people in non-English speaking countries.
Sounds like one of those names that porn stars use. Either that, or the movie with the deer. Better avoid this.
Ok, as someone WITH the name Bambi, I do find it horrible that the name is looked down upon so much. I have gotten the negative comments & the jokes my entire life. I know it's associated with the deer & strippers & porn stars. But it's a GOOD name. I just want to know why it's looked down on so much. It's unique, different, & it fits my personality very well. And I don't 'look' like a Bambi. I'm not ditzy, I'm not stupid, I don't strip or make porn. Everyone that knows me loves my name. The ONLY people that crack the jokes are people that don't know me & want to be clever. Which by now it's so old it's just ridiculous. I have known only one other Bambi in my life & that was my kindergarten teacher & she was BY FAR a very sweet & smart lady. Just go easy on the name because it's obviously not what you think.
Bambi is an African female name. Meaning THE FLOWER OF LIFE. Mostly used in the middle parts of Africa.
My aunt has this name and it doesn't sound "Childish, "Trashy" or "Stripper-ish". Bambi can be a classy name to, because my aunt is a lawyer and not a stripper. My grandparents loved the name and it fits her personality. Expecting parents, if you love a name that others find weird, don't let them talk you out of it, if you love it then use it.
Tacky stripper name that is way too cutesy and ditzy.
Personally, I HATE the name Bambi. Please do not anyone name their child Bambi. First off, a boy named Bambi... it just sounds weak and unmanly. And as for a girl named Bambi, Bambi is the most common stripper/prostitute name; now who is going to curse their child with that?
I do know a Bambi. I do not like her. She looks like a Bambi... big eyes, round face... she looks like a cartoon character. And, she does look like a stripper. Anyway, she loves the name Bambi, but all that I can think about when I see her is "SLUTTTT..."
A warning to parents out there: NEVER NAME YOUR CHILD BAMBI!
I know an older lady named this and at first I thought it was really strange, but after I thought about it it's really cute!
Cutesy and immature. Sounds like the name of a girl who plays with Barbie and Bratz dolls as a child and grows up to wear short frilly skirts, ruffled pink shirts, has curly blonde hair, and dates three guys at the same time. And on a boy. Do I really have to go there?
I went to school with a girl named Amber but her nickname was Bambi because of the similar "amb" sound.
This is a dumb name. It makes me think of the (male) deer from that irritating movie, but Bambi looks too wimpy to be a boy's name. On a girl, it sounds like a name for a porn star or a stripper.
Bambi is the name of one of the characters from the Cartoon Network show, Robotboy.
Confound you, Disney! But then, even without Disney in the picture, this name seems hopelessly undignified and infantile. This child would be mocked to no end (and even more so if the child in question is a boy!), and then there's the association of this name with strippers and prostitutes or women who are as ditzy as Paris Hilton. For the sake of your daughter's well-being, do not use this name.
This is an incredibly embarrassing name, and I'm afraid a girl named Bambi would commit suicide by age 13. The name sounds hopelessly infantile, and it could only work on kids under the age of 5, quite frankly. The name is far from being mature, sophisticated, and dignified, and a woman named Bambi would be laughed at and assumed ditzy, one reason being that she hasn't had a name change!
I think that it would be cute for a pet.
Bambi means 'small deer' in Japanese.
Stripper name! Calling Bambi and Tawny to the poles.
I'd actually use this if it weren't for Disney or stripper connotations. I think it's cute.
Most people only know this name from the Disney movie, so you're basically naming your daughter after a deer, and a male deer at that.
Two rather infamous bearers of this name: Lawrencia Bambenek was a former Milwaukee police officer and waitress at a Playboy Club, who was convicted of shooting to death her husband's ex-wfie in the early eighties. She served time in prison before she escaped and fled to Canada where she was recaptured. I believe she was eventually cleared/pardoned/something and is now free. Her nickname was Bambi because of her last name and her big doe eyes and long legs.
The other infamous Bambi was Bambi Woods, the stage name used by one Debbie DeSanto, who played the lead in the adult classic "Debbie Does Dallas." She eventually died of an overdose.
Adding to the femininity of the name, "bambi" also happens to be the word for "pink" in Arabic.
I met a little girl named Bambi once. No offense, but I think it's ridiculous. (Her sisters were named Cinderella and Rapunzel).
Just so you know bambina is normally used for a saying a 'baby girl' and bambino is for a 'baby boy' so Bambi could have come from either one. However I would strongly recommend only using this name for a girl. I know Bambi the cartoon deer was a male but still it just doesn't seem appropriate. I mean the skunk was a male too, right!?, and his name was Flower. Would you name your son Flower?
Bambi was in rare use as a girl's name in the USA before the Swiss author Felix Salten ever wrote his novel about the male deer, which Disney's movie was later based on. Salten's book was first published in German in 1923 and translated in English in 1928. But in 1914 the American novelist Marjorie Benton Cooke published her novel _Bambi_, where the title character was a wealthy young American heiress. That novel explains that Bambi is a nickname from "bambina", the feminine form of the same Italian word for "baby" that Salten took his character's name from. [noted -ed]

So as a girl's name Bambi is at least nine years older than its use for the male deer.
Wait a minute, if Bambi is only for a girl then why was the deer a guy?

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