Only extremely delusional Christian parents would use this.
I'm Southern Baptist, and religion is very important to me.

Baptist as a name? I wouldn't use it. It is more of a title for a church, and it wouldn't be suitable for a child in my opinion.
How is this so low when Baptiste has a 71% rating?
Title, not name. Ridiculous.
This is a name? It reminds me of those Independent Baptist groups who think that creationism should be taught in public schools and that women should all be long-haired housewives with 15 children. It's not a good choice. And if you really do live in Germany and want to use it, please use Johann Baptist, not Baptist by itself.
The Armenian equivalent is Mkrtich. "Mkrt" is the root word. Mkrtel means "to baptise" (-el being the verb suffix). Variants are Mgrdich, Meguerdich, Migirdich, (Western Armenian variant). Written with the Armenian script: Մկրտիչ.

It is commonly used as a first name, but it can be used as a last name by adding the -ian and -yan suffix (i.e.: Mkrtichian).
Ugh. This would look ridiculous as a first name and it unfortunately reminds me of the Southern Baptist Convention and other conservative churches.
More of a word than a name to me.
The Italian form of this name is "Baptista," which is the first name of Baptista Minola from "The Taming of the Shrew."

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