Name of the day, 2-22-21.
Baruk ha ba b'sham Yahuah in Yahusha ha'Mashyach sham forever and ever. Amen.
May he be exalted above measure.
This name is pronounced "bah-ROOKH" or "BAH-rookh."
Pronouncing it with any other ending consonant (e.g. Bah-rook) is as incorrect as pronouncing the name Peter as Beter.
In the Catholic and Eastern churches, the book of Baruch is not apocryphal, but rather deuterocannonical. [noted -ed]
The pronunciation is bah-ROOCH, like in German, never bah-ROOK or anything else ending in a "k" sound. The final letter in hebrew is a final chaf, which always recieves a "ch" sound. For it to have a "k" sound it would have to end in koof, a completely different letter.
Baruch is the name of one of the angels in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.
It also parallels the Latin name "Benedictus". For example: the great philosopher Baruch Benedict d'Espinosa.
This name is pronounced bah-rookh in Hebrew.

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