My grandpa was named Basile and I was named after him, first middle and last- Basile Jasper ___, and I am very proud of this name. It is rare in America and I am proud to own it.
Bah-Zeel, really. And it's a granpa name which comes back into fashion. Actually, sorta nice.
I mean, on this site, the "French names" list is 70 % of old (and mostly not nice) names noone uses anymore, 10 % names that don't even exist here in France and the rest are actual names you come across.
Pronounced like bah-zeel in French. Nicer and younger sounding that the English version.
It's one of these old names given to granpas.
Names can't be given to grandpas! They are babies when they are born not old men and when people name their children they don't think about how it will sound when they are a grandpa. Anyway, I like this name it sounds really nice. I believe it is pronounced Bah-seel.

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