Bathsheba was RAPED, not seduced. Please correct the meaning and history to reflect this.
In both the novel and film adaptation of Notes On a Scandal, Cate Blanchett's character is named Bathsheba Hart, but she goes by Sheba. The film received four Academy Award nominations, including a nomination for Blanchett. The film's 2006 release brought greater awareness to the name in the United States.
Weird, especially the "bath" part.
I love it! It is so beautiful and one of my favorite ever Hebrew names! I love the history even though it makes me hate King David because it makes him out to technically be a rapist, which sucks. And all the variants of Bathsheba are gorgeous too. Sheba is a good nickname.
I think this is a quite lovely name. I am using this name for my dramatic novel, the bearer is the deuteragonist. I must say, and I don’t mean to be rude, the negative comments about this name are insensitive. Yes, it’s not common, but it’s very unique. That’s what I like about it. I’d rather have a unique name than a name you hear all the time. It’s beautiful. Bathsheba was the mother of the wise King Solomon. I consider that an interesting fact. I am reading the Old Testament and finding out more about the history, and I so enjoy this experience.
Did any of you actually read the "Meaning and History" section on this page? This name is totally inappropriate!
Please do not use this name. It was an old witches' name for the 1800's. If people were seriously going to name their future daughter that I would be very concerned. Just looking out for thy.
Not a fan. I like Batsheva though.
Great name of a person who existed... not a myth. Exotic and beautiful.
I have always fancied this name. I keep coming across it and am drawn to the beauty of it. It is very exotic and makes me think of a queen.
The name is drawn from The Bible where the myth goes that 'Bathsheba' means 'a wife, mother, queen and an object of royal lust (or an object of male gaze)'.
It reminds me of grooming a cat, like saying 'have a bath, Sheba!'
It's not THAT extremely horrendous at all- "Sheba" is a nice nickname to have. :)
In Greenland is also the form Batseba currently in use by at least one person. It would also be the Danish pronunciation of the name.
J. K. Rowling used this name in her short story, The Harry Potter Prequel:

‘Don’t get smart – you two are in a heap of trouble!’ snarled Anderson. ‘Names!’
‘Names?’ repeated the long-haired driver [Sirius Black]. ‘Er – well, let’s see. There’s Wilberforce… Bathsheba… Elvendork…’
‘And what’s nice about that one is, you can use it for a boy or a girl,’ said the boy in glasses [James Potter].
The Spanish form of this name is Betsabé (pronounced bets-ah-bay in Spanish, closer to bets-ah-bee in English) and this is my name.
I have a great-great-great-grandmother called this and have always thought it was a wonderful name, but our family have always pronounced it BATHsheba (Bath with a short a, like bat). The French Bethsabée is also very nice!
Choosing this name is a sure sign that you are very religious and have no taste whatsoever. This name certainly doesn't sound any good in any Western languages.
I do not agree with the first quote. I think that Bathsheba is very exotic. I don't like this name because it is religious, I like it for it's uniqueness and sound. I also think that the French version sounds good.
Also the name of one of the main characters in FAR FROM THE MADDENING CROWD.
Bathsheba Babbling is the name of the Ancient Runes professor at Hogwarts.

Bathsheba is also the name of one of the Silverwing elders in Kenneth Oppel's book Silverwing.
Actually, the Ancient Runes professor at Hogwarts is named Bathsheda Babbling.
In Thomas Hardy's novel "Far from the Madding Crowd" the main female character is called Bathsheba Everdene. That's the only time I've ever heard it - I find this name stunning.
Sheva in Hebrew means (the number) seven. The name BasSheva actually means (in grammaticaly correct Hebrew) the seventh daughter.
The French version of this name is Bethsabee (with an accent aigu [acute] on the second "e"). I think it's really pretty.
Its original Hebrew form is Batsheva (bat-shev-ah).
As is pointed out in the previous comment, BATHSHEBA is from the Hebrew, but is 2 words Bat-Sheva and not one as is stated.

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