Beautiful name, it sounds so feminine and lovely, and it's a mother goddess name (which makes it even more appealing to me). I'd definitely use it on a girl. Irish names are so cool.
This name is very pretty. Especially the meaning fair lady, it would be stupid to call a boy this.
Bayvin sounds like 'Babein'. Nah, I don't really like it for a girl. It's like Marvin and Barry put together.
I like this name. But if I were to use this name, I would most like spell it like it sounds (Bayvin), because I like the sound, and it spelt that way.
You know, I liked this name a whole lot better when I thought it was pronounced "be-BINN." Sort of French. And then I clicked on it and realized it was Irish! And I was pronouncing it completely wrong! Argh! I love Ireland, but I get so frustrated with Irish names because they never look like how they're pronounced! I don't understand how you get "BAY-vinn" out of "Bebinn." Seriously.
To the confused user above on pronunciation- the e has an accent on it so it will give it a sound like 'ay', rhyimg with Fay. So far that's BEY. The vin part of the name is because bh or in older Irish just B's are pronounced like V's. It's really not too complicated- see?

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