Very nice name for a girl.
Very beautiful! The meaning is nice as well.
This name has such resonance. The meaning and the sound are both extraordinary. I knew a Russian girl with this name and she pronounced it “Bee-attah”. Both this and the “Bay-attah” pronunciation are beautiful. It’s always good to make sure you are at peace with alternate pronunciations of a name, and this one certainly passes the test.
Very holy.
My grandmother's name! So pretty.
This is such a beautiful name- it seems the lower names are rated sometimes the prettier they are on this site. Beata means blessed. Anyone who thinks this name sounds "ghetto" is uneducated and uncultured. Beata is a beautiful Polish name. Ghetto names are always misspelled like beautiful Deerdrah the pronunciation of my name is DEEDRA in inner cities- of course my name is beautiful and classic but their name is not my name. Deedra is a made up name. The only ghetto names are ones appropriated from Irish, Polish and other cultures and MISSPELLED AND MISPRONOUNCED by THEIR bearers. Also, no one should name their child names appropriated form other races; it simply isn't fair to those of us named with the original beautiful names like Deirdre and Beata and Tatiana et al. I find those who call names ghetto which are not usually have not left the US in their lifetime or have not traveled extensively.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Beata are female.
Also Czech.
My name is Beata and am a twin and am from GHANA. My sister is called Beatrice. And come to think of it I was the only one with that name from my primary days to tertiary days and I kept wondering as a child why was my name different and uncommon, but I realized how special I was with that name. I am blessed in all the aspects of my life.
I know someone named Beata who pronounces it "BATE-ah."
I've met a girl named Beata in university who comes from a Polish background, and she is one of the smartest people I've ever met. She's also lovely and accomplished, and due to that association I've always thought this was a lovely name. She was called Bea (like the nickname for Beatrice) as a nickname.

I don't think this name sounds "ghetto" or unprofessional at all! Unless one were to think of all names that are more unusual, with deep roots from other cultures unprofessional... But if that were the case, if some workplace decided not to hire me based on my name alone (which is not even to the level of misspelled trendy names Alizzabyth or Coltyynn unprofessional), then that wouldn't be a place I would want to work anyway! My brilliant acquaintance Beata is now successful by conventional standards, so I wouldn't say that her name has really hindered her professional career in any sense.
Beata is probably one of my favorite German names! I've always found it really, really pretty - in my German class, it seems to be used commonly enough in our books, too.
Beata is my 2nd daughter's 2nd middle name and her Polish name. We have had nothing but positive comments from friends and family. This name was chosen because of its meaning by her Polish cousins. I love it!
I do not think that this name would hold it's ground very well in the United States, or anywhere from it's origin land, for that matter. To most people, at first glance, would pronounce "Beata" as "BEET-Ah," which is not very attractive. It appears to be words swirled up "Beat-A... Ball," "Beat-A... Champion," and so on an so forth. Discretion must be used when pondering and possibly naming a child this.

In the United States it is borderline "kre8tiv" (made up), perhaps a bit "ghetto," unprofessional in sound and writ=ting, pompous, immature-- even a taste of ugly. Consider all that, especially the Unprofessional fact. "Would it prove to be a barrier, and possibly wrongly deny success in future business?" "How will it be accepted?" "Will my child be mocked?" among others.
This is such a cool name. I actually like it better than both Beatrice (which looks like "beat rice") and Beatrix (from which we get the awful nickname Trixie). I pronounce it BAY-ah-tah.
Also used in Italian.
Blažena is Czech and Slovak form of Beata.
Beata Rajská, Slovak fashion designer
Beata Pozniak, Polish director and actress
Beate Uhse, German enterpriser
Beate Morgenstern, German author
Beata Hlavenková, Czech jazz pianist and composer
Beata Mladenová, Czech model
Beata Dubasová, Slovak singer
Beata Bocek, Polish songwriter and singer
Beata Greneche, Slovak actress
Beata Baníková, Czech model
Beata Parkanová, Czech author
Beata Kozidrak, Polish songwriter and vocalist
PhDr. Beáta Krahulcová, CSc
Beáta Kašparová, Czech model
Beata Pozniak Daniels, actress, born 30th April 1960, Gdańsk.
I think Beata is a stunning name. It sounds nice and has a wonderful meaning.
This can also be the feminine form of the Swiss name Beat.
German pronunciation: bay-AW-tah. [noted -ed]
In Sweden Beata is the name of Dr. Snuggles' housekeeper. (Miss Nettles?)

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