Being untraditional or mis-pronounced does not make it bad! I admit, Becky is a more traditional spelling, but Becci is still really cute and sweet!
My name is spelt “Becci” and I like it! My parents don’t look dumb by having my name spelt like that! I do get called “Bechi” at school but find it rather funny and unique! I think having this spelling looks cute and not trashy! Thank you!
Becci= trashy.
I'd accept Beccy over Becci. The latter looks Italian when it's actually pronounced a totally different way. Beccy at least reminds me of Rebecca or Becca.
Please add "k." People will be like, "Hey, Bessy!"
Bessy? Becky? Bechie?
With that spelling, the name should technically be pronounced ''BEK-see'', not ''BEK-ee''. It makes the parents look pretty dumb.
It looks like it should be pronounced, "beh-chee", like in the Italian way. Which is probably why my name is Becki.

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