Very awkward spelt this way. It's better to spell it Becca.
kayisforkeen  10/26/2018
Firstly, in reply to the above; Rebecka is an accepted (if less elegant) spelling of Rebecca, so Becka can be derived from that.

Secondly, my impression of this is that it wouldn't work as an actual name; a nickname, yes, but to be given this name at birth, I wouldn't consider right. Stick to Rebecca; it's classy and elegant, alone.
xsai  6/8/2011
My name is Rebecca "Becca". I think Becca is the best spelling as a diminutive of Rebecca, because there's no K in Rebecca, so spelling it "Becka" doesn't make much sense to me, even though everyone always wants to spell it that way. However, if your name is spelt "Rebekah" then spell it "Becka", but I like Rebecca (the Swedish/Italian way much better).

As for my opinion on the name, I think it's cute. I hate the name Becki or Becky, to me it looks old, and redneck-ish. Becca just seems more fresh, classy, and fun. I would hate to be called Becky and I always have had to correct people to tell them to call me BECCA! When people see Rebecca they say "Oh do you go by Becky?" and I say "NO! It's Becca" (politely, but strongly).

I think Becca is fun and cute and Rebecca is elegant and pretty, if you are considering the name, it's good.
becca_marciano  7/25/2009
The best possible nickname for a Rebecca. I don't like Becky, it sounds too youthful, as in ''too littl-girl-y'', and Beck is too masculine, and Reb and Rebbie are just hideous. Still, this should only be a nickname.
slight night shiver  5/16/2008
Refreshing change from "Becca." I hate being called this name, though. Becky and Becca are common variants that just get worn out. I thought I could fix that in the seventh grade when I made everyone spell my name B-E-C-K-I instead of B-E-C-K-Y.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2006

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