Beckett is excellent, I am definitely naming my kid Beckett. Beckett is a very handsome and hot name.
Beckett's growing on me, although sounds a little too close to Becky (which I despise!)
I think that the name Beckett is amazing and it sounds like a boy name but that doesn't make a difference. I love the name Beckett for two things- because my brother's name is Beckett and second it sounds strong, outgoing, brave, creative and so many more things. Beckett is an amazing and strong name and anybody has their own opinions and I love the name Beckett but that is just me.
Derived from an English surname that could be derived from the Middle English words beke meaning "beak" or bekke meaning "stream, brook".
Saint Thomas Becket of Canterbury died in 12th century could be the inspiration of the usage as first name.
This would be nice for a pet bird.
Very odd name.
I like Beckett. I prefer Beckett on its own, because what do you shorten it to? Becky? Ettie? It sounds strong, handsome and masculine, yet can still be gentle.
Found somewhere the meaning of it as a last name is linked to bee keepers.
We named our son Beckett in 2000 after it came to me in a prophetic dream in 1999.
The dream said we would have a son with our next pregnancy (first 2 were girls) and that we should name him Beckett.
Knew we were pregnant the moment of conception, it was a weird knowing from God, can't explain it otherwise.
My wife hated it at first when I told her, but a year later she had come to love it.
I love Beckett. It doesn't need to be shortened, Beckett alone is very handsome and mature, but would also suit a little boy.
The name Beckett was given to 99 girls born in the US in 2015.
The surname of frontman of emo-pop band The Academy is William Beckett.
Make's me think of cop Beckett on the show Castle. (LOVE THAT SHOW) But I love the name Beck more. Just Beck, not short for anything.
Beckett is such a cool, handsome, unique name for a guy! This name ages very well. ^_^
Definitely on my "top boys name" list. Really strong and uncommon, without being "trendy".
I really like this. I hadn't given it much thought before, but I think it sounds really handsome. I can see it aging well, too.
I see this has finally been added to the database! It's one of the only "surnames as first names" that I actually like (along with Bennett).

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