Sounds like a bed that’s rich!
Bedřich Smetana was actually born Friedrich Smetana! Though of Czech parentage, his first language was German. He had to learn Czech!
In the British T.V. comedy series "To the Manor Born" starring Penelope Keith the rich and handsome new neighbour is called "Bedrich." A migrant from the former Czechoslovakia.
Pronounced BED-rzikh.
It should be spelled like JindØich is spelled in this database. [noted -ed]
Famous bearers:
Composer Bedřich Smetana, he was born at 2nd March 1824, Litomyšl, Bohemia, Austrian Empire. Date of Death: 12 May 1888, Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary.

Bedřich Mára is character from the Czech movie "Pupendo". He was played by Boleslav Polívka.

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