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A famous bearer of Beneš (as a surname anyway):
Rudolf Benesh, British mathematician
Alan Benes, American baseball pitcher
Andy Benes, American baseball pitcher
Edvard Beneš, leader of the Czechoslovak independence movement and the second President of Czechoslovakia.
Iveta Benešová, Czech tennis player
Jan Beneš (born 1936), Czech writer, translator, publicist and screenwriter
Jan Beneš (born 1987), Czech orienteering competitor and junior world champion
Juraj Beneš, Slovak opera and orchestral composer
Josef Beneš, Czech linguist
Ladislav Beneš, Czech handball player
Lubomír Beneš, Czech animator, director and author
Luděk Beneš, Czechoslovak slalom canoer
Marijan Beneš, Yugoslav boxer
Pavel Beneš, chief designer ar ČKD-Praga
Václav Beneš Třebížský, Czech novelist
Václav E. Benes, American mathematician and probability theorist, developer of the Benes network.
Vít Beneš, Czech football player
Vojta Beneš, Czechoslovak eduacator and politicial leader and brother of Edvard Beneš.
Meg_Simpson  7/24/2011
Benesh, also spelled Benish, is Yiddish from Benyamin (Benjamin). It is definitely NOT derived from Benedict.
rtrosenberg  1/19/2009
Pronounced beh-nehsh, bye-neesh.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006

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