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Gender Masculine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. BEHN-it
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Meaning & History

Medieval form of BENEDICT. This was the more common spelling in England until the 18th century. Modern use of the name is probably also influenced by the common surname Bennett, itself a derivative of the medieval name.
DiminutivesBen, Bennie, Benny
Other Languages & CulturesBenedikt(Czech) Bendt, Bent(Danish) Benedictus, Ben(Dutch) Pentti(Finnish) Benoît(French) Bieito(Galician) Benedikt, Ben(German) Peni(Hawaiian) Benedek, Benett, Bence(Hungarian) Benedikt(Icelandic) Benedetto, Benito, Bettino(Italian) Benedictus(Late Roman) Bendiks(Latvian) Benediktas, Benas(Lithuanian) Bendik(Norwegian) Benedykt(Polish) Benedito, Bento(Portuguese) Benedikt(Russian) Benito(Spanish) Bengt(Swedish) Benesh(Yiddish)


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