Benoit Blanc is the name of a detective played by Daniel Craig in Rian Johnson's 'Knives Out'. He's referred to as The Last of the Gentlemen Sleuths, and was so well-received that Director/Writer Rian Johnson is making 2 sequels to the film starring the character.
Benoit "Piccolo" Clemente Rothfuss, Peruvian surfer, he won the gold medal in the Panamerican Games Lima 2019, and yes, his nickname is P I C C O L O.
Benoît Depardieu is a serial killer in Tiger & Bunny.
Benoît Sokal (1954)
Belgian cartoonist and game designer best known for the PC adventure series Syberia.
Benoit Magimel (b. 1974) is a very handsome French actor who appeared in the film 'La Pianiste' among others.
Ben Wa balls (which bear the same pronunciation as Benoit) are a type of sex toy. There is a French character named Benoit in the television show Archer who is teased for this reason by adding "balls" each time he says his name.
Benoit Mandelbrot, founding father of fractal geometry.
The pronunciation given is slightly inaccurate. It is pronounced Ben-WAH, or so my French teacher taught us. [noted -ed]

Also, I was told it is the French version of Benjamin, but I suppose it could also be for Benedict.
Artist Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse.
There is a pro wrestler named Chris Benoit and he is French-Canadian.

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