SO cool. Name of the day, 2-7-21.
noisynora  2/7/2021
You'd definitely have to be a special person to pull this name off.
adabird  2/7/2021
Everything about this name is so cute. Associated to elderly men though!
Amy.B  2/2/2021
I’d love to use it as a first name, but unfortunately my family is the type of family that uses old names (less ancient than this, though) and it would ruin the family a bit. I might use it as a middle name.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2021
Sounds outdated. Also, it's very heavily associated with the poem. The character Beowulf was arrogant and mainly cared about gaining fame. (Obviously, I'm not saying all Beowulfs will turn out like that)
I honestly don't get why someone would name their child this.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2020
We have a Beowulf. Why do people not honour our old Heroes and ancestors?
Wieland  12/5/2018
Funny meaning and sounds very outdated.
kayisforkeen  9/5/2018
The name Beowulf/Beówulf is more likely composed from the elements beado (battle, war, slaughter) and wulf (wolf) making the meaning: war-wolf or battle-wolf. The first element beo/beó would hence be a contraction of the longer beado. It seems unlikely that a person, however mythic, would receive a kenning such as bee-wolf in lieu of a more belligerent name that properly advertises his prowess in battle. [noted -ed]
Tatwine  2/6/2018
A great name with great meaning and history.

I have a baby on the way that will bear this name!
Germania  5/15/2017
Hi, I read all of the comments about the name Beowulf and I just wanted to say that I named my son Beowulf, Beowulf Keats actually. It was a name his father had known he would name his son since he was 12 years old and it was a little hard to picture my son with this name at first but now I could not imagine him by any other. He is a strong, beautiful boy and to know him would be to know that he is meant to have this name. And yes, we call him Beo sometimes and yes, I can tell right away who knows the story of Beowulf when we say his name... either a weird look or a knowing look. Anyways, I love my Beowulf Keats to no end... thanks for reading.
Beowulfs mom  1/30/2017
I love the old Beowulf poem, so I almost love this name by default, as well. I don't really think it'd be suitable for a real person, but for the hero in the poem, I love it.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
I like it. I think it's pronounced BAY - oh - wolf. I'd use it, but only as a middle name.
angiec8420  12/2/2013
It's interesting to note that in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, picking "native" names from Celtic mythology and folklore is all the rage, yet well-known Anglo-Saxon names like Beowulf don't even rank in England. Perhaps this name will have a renaissance soon?
― Anonymous User  8/3/2012
This name is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. I would name my son this, but I would call him "Beo" (BAY-o) in public, which I think is a really cute nickname for a boy, and having a name with "Wulf" in it is just awesome. So it's got cuteness and awesomeness! What's not to like?
XICooper  6/24/2012
Love it... for a dog..
:) It's cute, but it is creative ;)
abbeynotch  11/24/2010
This sounds ugly, medieval, and very elitist, even more so than Gilgamesh or Hercules. Plus, it makes me think of that recent hideous movie adaptation of the poem.
bananarama  7/15/2009
Beowulf Shaeffer is the protagonist of Larry Niven's classic science fiction story "Neutron Star."
marauder34  3/17/2009
Beowulf is the oldest poem in the english language, or just about anyway. I had to read it once, and analyse it. Hated it. It'd be kind of funny to have a boy named Beowulf.
alyce  7/14/2008
J.R.R. Tolkien claimed that the name originally meant a "bee hunter", which in turn could mean a "bear", but also a "woodpecker", or anything else that feeds on bees.

My original impression of this name was that it refers to a "white wolf", because of the similarity to the Polish word "bialy" which means "white". It's probably a coincidence though.
angolmois  11/26/2006
J.R.R Tolkien used the "Beowulf" poem for many of his ideas for the Lord of the Rings, especially for the people of Rohan.
celebrindal  4/1/2006
The 13th Warrior is a movie based on Beowulf. I think it's awful, but if you like blood and gore, watch it.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2005

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