Bidzina is indeed derived from the Georgian word ბიძა (bidza) meaning "uncle", so you can remove the word 'possibly' from this entry, since it indicates uncertainty about the etymology of the name. [noted -ed] As is stated in the essay "Kartvelian Names" written by Shukia Apridonidze and Guram Topuria:

"One group of first names is derived from appellatives, denoting: a person of both genders and of various ages (Geo. Gogona, Megr. Cira, ʒaba, Svan. Dina "girl"; Geo. ḳacia, Megr. ḳočia "man"), and relatives, as a rule, of the older generation (Geo. Dediḳa, mamia, papuna, biʒina. Their stems denote: mother, father, grandfather, uncle. The rich derivative capability of Kartvelian languages is extensively used for the formation of such names." ~~~ from page 891 of "Namenforschung/Name Studies/Les noms propres" at (in English)

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Lucille  7/1/2020
According to the Wiktionary article listed below, the IPA pronunciation of Bidzina is: /bɪdzɪnɑ/ (in English) [noted -ed]
Lucille  4/27/2019

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