A bit strange, but quite interesting.
I'm naming my pet black widow spider Bijou, I think its perfect for her. She's a beauty!
1. I don't understand the fact that 'Bijou' is Feminine.

2. It's given that 'Jewel' is both Feminine and Masculine.

3. And now that the meaning of 'Bijou' is 'Jewel', it must be both Feminine and Masculine.
Bijou is a French word meaning small jewel, usually ornamental. The plural is Bijoux. I would think a name for a girl/woman based on a piece of jewelry would be a natural but I am looking for a name for my female Dachshund and like it.
This does seem like a very cutesy name, but I really enjoy the sound of it. It feels slightly gaudy, yet sweet. I would be weary of ever using it on a real person. If I met someone with this name I would not pass any judgement onto them except that their parents might be a wee bit eccentric, which is not necessarily bad.
I thought this was a males name...
I'm French and the only Bijou I ever met was a small dog. It is NOT a person's name. If someone were to call their daughter Bijou, (in France, that is) it would be regarded as unusual and rather ridiculous.

As for Jules, mentioned as "worse" in the comments, it is, at least, a real boy's name, and quite common these last years and no one would ever snigger at it, unlike Bijou.
Btw, Julius Ceasar is names Jules César in French.
Bijou Phillips (born 1980 in Greenwich, Connecticut) is an American actress, model, and singer.
This is a silly name in French speaking countries and a pretentious one in others.
I immediately think of the hamster from Hamtaro, and Bijou Phillips isn't that great of an association. It also looks like something that would be suited to a poodle.
I just think of the aforementioned hamster, or a prissy poodle. Not so much for a person, though people are always welcome to it.
To me, this appears to be one of those names parents pick because they think it sounds glamorous and sophisticated, but it's actually quite corny and cutesy, and it sounds very corny to those who understand the word, and many people who can't speak French do. I can't speak French, but I did study it years ago, so I'd say it isn't a very serious name.
Bijou is my first name, unfortunately no one can ever remember how to pronounce it or how to spell it. Most of my friends call me "Bee" simply because they can't learn to pronounce it.
There's a girl hamster named Bijou in the tv-series "Hamtaro".
The name is used as slang for male genitals. It is just like when people call genitalia "family jewels" in an English speaking country.
Yes, maybe--to the above commenter--but look at it this way: There are people called Jewel, right? Or even worse, Jules. And no one, at least I don't, think of that.
I've seen it Bijoux as well. I like it with the X.
Heiress Bijou Phillips who was formerly seeing Sean Lennon and dated Danny Matterson from that 70's show.
I like the name Bijou. Michelle Phillips, one of the members of that singing group "The Mamas and the Papas" has a daughter named Bijou.
Bijou Lily Phillips is not the daughter of Michelle Phillips. She is the daughter of John Phillips and his third wife, Genevieve Waite.
This name doesn't exist in France.
That's not true. My friend's name is Bijou and she was born in France. Perhaps it is just an odd name. I'm not very fond of it. Reminds me of "Bijou Briggite".

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