I love any name which an English speaker cannot correctly pronounce, even if he (she?) seriously tried. This is one of them.
angolmois  10/22/2019
In 2018, 30 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Bjorn* who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 5485th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

*diacritics and punctuation don't appear in SSA data, so if a parent intended BJÖRN or BJØRN, that distinction is not reflected.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2018
Björn Rune Borg is a Swedish former world No. 1 tennis player widely considered to be one of the greatest in tennis history. Between 1974 and 1981 he became the first male professional to win 11 Grand Slam open era singles titles: six at the French Open and five consecutive at Wimbledon. He also won three year-end championships and 15 Grand Prix Super Series titles.
cutenose  4/14/2017
Björn Ulvaeus, member of ABBA.
DundiculutNicholas  1/9/2017
Isn't this a cognate of the Anglo-Saxon Beorn?
Kidwins9  2/14/2016
Swedish biatlete Björn Ferry.
Hero76  10/28/2015
The name of a character in the book West of the Moon. I love the meaning and the sense of mystery in the name itself.
al84  9/24/2015
The name Bjorn was given to fifty-one baby boys born in the U.S. in 2013.
hkols  11/2/2014
This name is used in Iceland. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  6/14/2013
In Sweden Björn is pronounced pretty much like the English word yearn with a B (Byearn).
CN  1/15/2011
I was never particularly fond of this name, to be honest, but it's grown on me. I'm now considering it in the combination Elliott Björn. The only thing that stops me from considering it as a first name is all the stupid pronunciations Björn Ulvaeus received; (b-JORN) being the main one that irritates me.
alicehartley4884  7/17/2010
Bjorn Dixgard is a singer and guitarist of the Swedish band, Mando Diao.
Amalia  5/24/2009
The "Ö" pronunciates like:
the "O" in "world"
the "I" in "Sir"
and the "U" in "Turn".
izzaw  8/5/2008
The best pronunciation example I can think of is that it rhymes with the words "urn/burn" and "earn/yearn."
gixmonster  4/14/2008
I really like this name, but it can get butchered. In the States we have a cat named BJÖRN (because it used to stand like a bear when a kitten), and every time we go to the vet, they say, "B...dgorn?" and it doesn't matter how many times I say it out loud for them.
gixmonster  4/14/2008
Bjorn Borg was a top tennis player who ranked #1 in the world and is widely regarded as the greatest player in the history of the sport.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2007
Yay! ABBA! This is a strange name, but at the same time, it has a very interesting tune to it.
stormy_lovegood  3/16/2007
Beorn? Sorry, but not knowing how to pronounce the "o" with two dots over it, and knowing the "j" is pronounced like a "y", my mind jumped to pronouncing it like "bee-orn," which is also Beorn, a character from Lord of the Rings. Also, what's interesting is this name means "bear," and the character Beorn could turn into a bear. Hm.
― Anonymous User  2/12/2007
If Beorn from LOTR could turn into a bear, it's likely his name is derived from the Old English word for bear. "eo" is a common grapheme in the Old English language (cf. "sweord" for sword). It should be fairly obvious that OE and Old Norse are very closely related languages and would be today were it not for the bastardizing influence of Norman French.
Midgard666  9/3/2007
This seems to be just about one of the best names there is. Definitely. I love the feel of it. It sounds smart and intelligent. I just hope it doesn't turn yuppie and popular by the time I'm able to use this on a child.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2007
This is my father's name. His mother was 19 when she got him, and I can't see a 19 year old giving her son the name Björn. But I think it's a nice name.
honungspinglan  1/7/2007
Björn Ågren is guitarist in the band Razorlight.
Surreal  12/26/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Björn here:
_satu_  10/24/2006
Famous bearer is Björn Andresen who played the part of Tadzio in Luchino Viscont's film Death in Venice.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2006
Two famous Swedes are Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) and Björn Borg (the tenis player).
― Anonymous User  12/13/2005
"Björn" is the modern Swedish word for bear as well.
Tango  3/31/2005

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