All I see is a bunch of haters and thumb downs on the positive comments. You've got to be serious...this name is NOT atrocious, it's NOT ugly, and it's NOT awkward. It's cute, and I love it!
Just plain ugly.
Dude this is a BOY'S NAME! Just look at the ratings and you'll see.
It's cute...but it also sounds a bit awkward, as in harsh? I personally don't like names where the k sound is really close to the l sound. It's not bad though. I wish that it was used more on guys. I don't feel that the -ley suffix "cures" masculinity. I think that it could work on both genders.
I prefer it on a guy.
Blakely Bjerken is the younger sister of YouTube star Whitney Bjerken.
Atrocious! Blake is a thousand times better than this! To be nice, I would rate this a solid 2/10.
This name is very unique to me probably because I’m not in the UK or Ireland where it originated first as a surname meaning “dark woodland clearing”. I see it as a unisex name, maybe it’s the Blake part. It is extremely unique which is what I like about it, you won’t probably find another Blakely very often.
Cute, but not my style.
Yes sir! I have a little niece named Blakely Jo Ella. She is so cute!
Sort of cute, although it's not really our style.
Poor little girls actually being named Blakely. Adding-ly to a male name doesn't magically make it appear feminine. It's not trendy or unique, it's juvenile and downright stupid. One day your kid is gonna outgrow the footie pajamas and cutesy VSCO
baby pics phase. She's gonna have to apply to college and find a job. Blakely is a hilarious name for a 30 yr old. Mothers, do better!
Too cutsey, trendy, and in no way pretty.
I can’t imagine this name on a girl or woman. It’s clunky and juvenile sounding. It’s a trendy, awful name.
I’ve heard worse as well, but not a fan of Blakely at all!
In all honesty, (no disrespect.) this name turns me off for multiple reasons. I've heard way worse, but if this was the case you might as well just stick with Blake. (And I don't even like the name Blake on girls like that) If you want to name your daughter this, be my guest, otherwise, it's not gonna age well.
No. It might be cute and trendy for a couple of years, but I don’t see this aging well. I would hate being stuck with this name for life.
Not a fan. I’m so over the trendy Blakey’s, Bexley’s, Braelynn’s, Birkley’s (and the various spellings). Just soooo overdone and annoying to me.
I love the name Blakely! It sounds very modern and trendy to me, but honestly in my opinion, I like trendy names.
A very cute name. I think it sounds super trendy and modern wich is a good thing in my opinion...
Blakely is a cute name, but I only like it on a girl! I'd spell it Blakelee though.
This name can also be MASCULINE in the UK, making it UNISEX.
In the UK, 9 boys were named BLAKELY in 2013.
A total of 52 boys and 16 girls were born BLAKELY in the UK from 1996-2018.
Love this name! And I love the nickname Blake for a girl! Hello super hot actress Blake Lively is definitely not a boy, lol. I think it sounds outdoorsy and just a badass chick name lol definitely will name my next daughter this.
Too cutesy.
The name Blakely was given to 18 boys in the US in 2017.
Also used recently as a mainly feminine name in the US. [noted -ed]

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