On Wikipedia, the name (Блаже) is primarily transcribed as Blaže - there is only one bearer where Блаже is transcribed as Blazhe.

- Blaže Georgioski (b. 1975), a Macedonian soccer player: (in English)
- Blaže Koneski (1921-1993), a Macedonian poet: (in English)
- Blaže Ristovski (1931-2018), a Macedonian folklorist: (in English)
- Blazhe Ilijoski (b. 1984), a Macedonian soccer player: (in English)

On Facebook (currently the largest social media platform in existence), bearers prefer to transcribe Блаже as Blaze. Both Blaže and Blazhe are not used as often. However, this might indicate that Blaže is the more proper transcription, as people on social media (no matter their nationality) generally tend to forego diacritics. This means that Blaže then becomes Blaze on social media. [noted -ed]

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