My mom's grandmother was named Blodwen (people called her Blod) then when I was born it was actually my dad's idea for my middle name, my mom did change the spelling to Blodwyn.
I love my middle name and my Welsh heritage.
Blodwen or Blodeuedd was the maiden form of the Triple Goddess. Goddess of the earth in bloom, flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations.
Blodwen is the name of a character from The Lingo Show, a kids' TV show. Although she pronounces her own name "Blot-wine".
Wonderful name! Very nice, and historic. :)
This name's meaning is incorrect. It does not come from the word 'blawd', but the word 'Blodyn'.Blawd is the Welsh word for Flour.
Blodyn is the Welsh word for Flower, which is the correct meaning. [noted -ed]
I would use this name for a middle name but probably not a first name. I have a great great great aunt with the same name, but it was spelled Blodwein.
I don't care for this name, it sounds like you're trying to say Bronwen with a cold.
Means "white flowers" from Welsh blawd "flowers" combined with gwen "white, fair, blessed". Incorrect information - 'blawd' means FLOUR not FLOWER.
This name was used by the Welsh-American composer Sir Joseph Parry as the heroine for his circa 1878-1880 opera “Blodwen”, which was the first opera to use the Welsh language. There is also some debate as to whether it stems from Medieval origins. It enjoyed a brief popularity in the late 19th century and early 20th century--and is now an "older generation" name--but still occasionally given by today's parents. This name is also considered a "classic" Welsh girls name. Pronounced "Blod-wen" (short 'o', rhymes with 'plod').

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