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Gender Feminine
Other Forms FormsBorbet, Barbeth, Barbet, Worbeth, Worbet, Wolbeth, Warbede,Warbeth, Warbet, Werbeth, Gwerbeth, Gwerbet, Gwerbett, Gwerbede, Querre

Meaning & History

"Sister goddess" of Embeth and Wilbeth and one of "The Three Bethen" or "Three Virgins", a group of allegedly pre-Christian goddesses who later became "unofficial" saints.

Their cult is somewhat of a mystery: having been known since the Middle Ages, it is only regionally distributed, mainly in Bavaria, Baden, South Tyrol, Alsace (above all Strasbourg) and the Rhineland. If there had ever been antique records of this Triple Goddess cult, those have been lost. The oldest authentic records of Borbeth date back to the 14th century, when she was quickly linked to Embeth whose veneration had been attested since the 12th century.
Either way, their cult became fairly popular when the "girls" got appointed companions of Saint Ursula in the 15th century.

The origins and meanings of their names have been lost to time. Since the Romantic period, there have been speculations that their names might be corruptions of some not yet identified Ancient Germanic names - a theory which in recent times is being taken more and more seriously. Research on it is being done.
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