Also rarely used in Germany.
My mother's name is Borghild. Her parents came over from Norway and had 10 children but only three had Norwegian names. My mom (she is 91 now) decided to take the name of Toni when she was 15 and it stuck.
Borghild was popular in Norway in the early 1900s. It ranked at #8 in 1895, #6 in 1900, #3 in 1905 (behind Anna and Astrid), #4 in 1910 (behind Anna, Gudrun and Astrid), #10 in 1915, and was off of the charts by 1920.
It sounds like a masculine name to me.
I do quite like this name actually, but I associate it with old ladies and therefore I guess I wouldn't really consider using it. I do like the sound of it though.
Wow, I think I might name my child this.
In Norse mythology, Borghild was the first wife of Sigmund, who poisoned Sinfiotli in revenge for killing her brother. [noted -ed]

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