Bose is a commonly used short form of it.
The name 'BOSEDE' actually is YORUBA. 'OSE' in Yoruba is 'WEEK', while 'BA' means 'WITH' in this context, as in 'BA WA' 'Come with him/her/it' or 'BA MI JEUN' 'Eat with me'. 'BOSEDE' is the short form of 'BA OSE DE' meaning 'coming with the onset of the week' or in common parlance, 'BORN ON SUNDAY'. It is one of the most common YORUBA names, and has variations in different YORUBA dialects, example being simply 'OSE' in the ONDO and EKITI states, and 'ABOSEDE' 'One who comes with the onset of the week' or 'One who is born on Sunday' in other YORUBA states. I should know, because I was named 'SUNDAY' and my wife is 'ABOSEDE'.

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