Bran cereal. Branwen is better.
kayisforkeen  9/3/2018
When I hear the name Bran, I DO NOT think of a cereal. What my mind's eye IMMEDIATELY brings into view is a picture of a man, tall, straight & stalwart in stature, with a wide chest supported by broad, strong shoulders.
Reddraghain  2/2/2018
I like Bran very much!

It is a short, simple name with an interesting meaning linked with nature but also with mysterious things.

I prefer it as a full name because it is strong.
Felie  3/23/2017
Bran Stark is one of the main characters of George R R Martin's book series. Although his real name is Brandon he always go by Bran.
Felie  3/23/2017
Despite the Bran Flakes association, I still think this is a very cool, strong sounding name. It'd make a good middle name for a kid, so he wouldn't have to deal with any Bran Flakes teasing right away.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
I really like this name. I love that it is monosyllabic which to me always gives a name sense of strength. It is also the name of a very important (and strong) character within several Patricia Briggs novels.
spaztron  4/30/2012
I heard this name on the tv show Game of Thrones and have really started to like it. I love the meaning and the simplicity of the name.
JaciGia  8/4/2011
I love Bran, but prefer Bram.
I first truly discovered this name when reading The Sight by David Clement-Davies – a wonderful book! – whom was the ‘omega’ or ‘sikla’, which is the weakest in rank. Truth of it was, in the end he was loyal and showed his strength and love, even if it meant he died. Loved ‘im. Also adore that meaning. "Raven" - so handsome and gothic.
Lunar_Wolf  12/3/2009
I think it's a fine name, but it would get some teasing in an English-speaking place.
scarletquillraven  2/1/2008
In Darren Shan's book Bec there is a child called Bran.
Clodagh  4/9/2007
When I hear BRAN I think of Bran Flakes. Ewww.
rubberduckiiz2  1/9/2006

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