Coming from a fellow Breann I personally don't care for my name very much. It takes someone months of knowing me to even attempt to spell my name right. I am almost always called Brianna by new people. My mom said Breann was supposed to be my middle name and Fantashia my first, I'm just glad she didn't go with Fantashia haha.
Looks incomplete. Brianne is better.
The meaning of Breann is strong, it is my middle name and depending on how you look at it, my name could mean clear strength or strong clarity.
The spelling looks bizarre and incomplete.
My name is Breann and I love it because it is unique. I like how barely any other people have my name.
This is my name, but I spell it BreAnn, yes with the capital 'a'. I don't know why, but I don't think the name would fit me at all if it didn't have that capital 'a'. And actually I don't even really like the name, though of course it's grown on me for myself.
In some parts of the country, a vowel shift will cause natives to pronounce this name as "Breh-an" or "Bra-an" with two short As. Sounding much like the word "bran."
American supermodel Breann Nelson bears this name.
As a person named Breann, I can tell you that it gets a lot of mixed reactions. Breanns are almost always called "Brianna" or "Brenna," and few people can spell it right. In grade school, we often get called "Brian," but adults usually call it a pretty name. This is not a name to assign lightly, especially if you fear a child is going to have trouble with schoolyard bullying anyway.

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