Brenna is such a sweet sounding name.
I too grew up being told it meant dark beauty. But my mother named me Brenna Gale. So my Native American name (my father's side) calls me Raven Wind. I was born in 1976...
Horrible name.
I was given the name Brenna for maiden with Raven hair. I have black hair. I have a history of Shaman and medicine women. The burn is for my temper.

My name was not that popular. I was born 1979. It was very few and always surprised to hear it.
I started a group on FB for BRENNAS ONLY called The International Consortium of Brennas! COME JOIN US!
I don’t like my name but I did not know that my name had any meaning to it. At first I always hated my name and I always got bullied because they did not like my name. Now I like it and I am happy with my name no matter what anybody says.
My sister is a Brenna, and it annoys the pants off of her when people call her Brianna, so I guess there's a tip if you know any Brennas. We also call her Brenana Grapes a lot as a nickname, since her middle name is Grace.
It's MY name and I love it.
Update I was 10 when I published it. I'm now 13. I'm trans (FTM) and now I HATE my old name.
Through my own independent research, I discovered that in the old Norse language, "Brenna" is the exact word for "burn." So now we can settle it instead of being like "well it may be from this Celtic word, or this Gaelic word, or this Irish surname, or maybe this other Norse word," now it can be known that this name literally IS the old Norse word for burn.
My daughter is Brenna Leigh - got it from my maiden name Brennan. Beautiful name.
I am a Brenna too. I have to write a report about it... Don't ask... And it asks what animal our name reminds us of. I put unicorns because they are pretty, and you never see them but you hear of them. The Irish meaning is a beacon on the hill, little raven. I choose to believe that our name means that like a lighthouse we are a light that guides everyone. This is how I see myself.
Born Brenna M. Lord knows when you and another Brenna meet it's like two far universes colliding. It's rare.

But let's be honest here, Brennas! Our name history is mostly hush-hushed. To be honest I dislike the whole "Raven haired maiden" CUZ I"M A BLONDE BRENNA and there isn't any clear truth to it! Also our historical context around Brenna is pretty slim. In my opionion, I agree with the Celtics who argue Brenna is a female version of Brennus.

I honestly dislike the name 'Brenna'. I go by my middle name which is actually much weirder. XD.
The name Brenna was given to 302 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Brenna are female.
My daughter's name is Brenna and I have always loved it. Her name is Brenna Kathleen and I always say to people it sounds very Irish, doesn't it? She is 17 years old now and we have not met many people who share the name. She has learned over time to answer to the name Brianna when it is called out by a teacher on the first day of school or in a doctors office. She does not even correct most people anymore, as she feels that they are not relevant in her daily life and there is no use in having the conversation because they will most likely call the next Brenna they meet Brianna anyway!
I have the name Brenna Erin, and I really enjoy it.
Whenever we have a substitute in class, they always pronounce my name in such a weird way... but that's alright! I've only known one other Brenna in my life and I've never even met her. How odd~
People call me Brenna, though. No nicknames yet.
If you want to name your child Brenna, go for it! It's unique, and cool, and slightly refined.
I think this is a beautiful name, very pretty and mature sounding without being too common. I personally have only met one Brenna before. She had light brown hair, blue eyes, and pretty tan skin, so I guess she doesn't really fit the "raven-haired beauty" meaning completely, but I think the name Brenna can fit a person with any hair color. I think I'll use this name for my future daughter even though I hate the names Brianna/Breanna and Brenda. It seems like a name that could grow with a person because it doesn't sound too cutesy or childish.
This is a great name for a girl, I prefer it to Brennan or Brenda on girls. However, the meaning makes it hard to imagine on a fair haired girl. However, it is still a very pretty name,
Hi, my name is Brenna, my name is not common were I live. But it is nice because everyone is like "I've never heard that name, but the name sounds pretty".
My name is Brenna and I love my name! Although I have heard the name means raven haired maiden, I was born with red hair and green eyes and am pale with freckles. My friends and family call me Bren or B. I agree with the mispronunciation issue and have been called "Brenda", "Brianna", and "Breena" my whole life. I'm not really sure why since my name seems pretty easy to pronounce and say. But I also get compliments on it all the time! It is not a popular name and I used to hate not being able to find my name on keychains at souvenir stores when I was younger, but I absolutely love having a unique name now.
I'm also a Brenna - my name is butchered constantly, whether it's on the phone, in person, or even in EMAILS when it's spelled out directly in front of a person, haha. It boggles my mind to this day. I grew up saying to people, "Brenna! Two N's no D!"... My parents thought it was the cutest thing.

I've personally met 2 Brennas in my lifetime. Most recently was at a UPS store - the cashier mentioned my name and this older lady's eyes brightened up as she turned to me - "Another Brenna?"

I have naturally dark brown hair, very straight, and hazel eyes. I like reading through the comments and seeing that most people imagine a Brenna as having blue or green eyes... I wish! I've had eye color envy forever.
I'm a Brenna! I agree with all the other Brennas, the name gets mispronounced constantly. It's happened to me my entire life, & I don't expect that to change. When I meet new people, I just tell them to call me B. It seems to be easier for people to manage. That being said, I do like my name. It was cool not being one of the 15 Allisons or Staceys in my high school class. I'm Irish, & I have pale skin, dark hair, & hazel eyes, so I feel like my name fits me well. Brennas are awesome chicks!
This is my name. I like the originality, but it has blown my mind my whole life about how difficult it is for new people to read or pronounce. Really not that difficult... Overall, I've been happy with my name and have only met one other. Be prepared to be called Breanna! (I've worked at my current job 2 yrs and multiple coworkers still flip flop on what they call me (Brenna one day, Breanna the next. Sigh).
This is my name, only I spell it with an "h" at the end (Brennah). I do enjoy having this name, because it is unique, even with the recent increase of usage of this name in the United States in the past few years.
Brenna is my name! I love it.
I like Brenna but prefer Brynn.
I love the name. Back in 1993 while pregnant with my first child, I found this name while reading an article. I thought it was so unique and beautiful, I tucked that name away to use someday. Now I have a seventeen year old Brenna. I've always loved Irish, Celtic, Catholic names. My kids are Shannon, Matthew, Brenna, Shaun and Ryan.
I love my name, but one annoying thing about it is how often I'm called Breanna, or Brenda. I've gotten used to it over the years, and it's happened less and less often, but definitely something of a curse in elementary through high school days. It's kind of ironic that it means dark-haired, considering I have blonde hair that used to be about as close to white blonde as you can get. People say they picture it as a girl with dark hair, pale skin, and light eyes, while I have light hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes. If you're looking for a relatively uncommon name that's fairly easy to spell and pronounce, I think this one is a fairly good example.
LOADS better than "Brenda".
My name is Brenna. I don't know exactly what book she got it from, but my mother always told everyone with pride, "It means 'Warlike raven of dark beauty'." That is the definition I will always stick with. My hair is not black, but I've been told I have a rebellious, dark nature. I never watch American Idol so I've never seen the other Brenna. I know Mike Tyson's daughter was named Brenna, like it matters. Try not to associate the behavior of one person to the name of many, it's insulting. I do believe we grow into the definition of our names somehow. Choose wisely.
My name is Brenna, and I personally think my name suits me perfectly. I think the name should go to gorgeous girls who look like summer with beautiful black hair. It embodies girls with a fiery temper and strong spirit- artists and poets and girls who feel strongly about everything, who laugh and cry like they mean it (because they do!)
I loved this name so much when I found it in a baby name book when I was pregnant with our son (20 yrs ago) when our daughter was born 19 years ago we named her Brenna Colette. My husband and I loved how different it was and still is. The bonus is our daughter really likes her name too and she is dark haired and beautiful! I have met only 2 Brennas in the past 19 years. It is a beautiful name and I am so happy we named our daughter Brenna.
The name Brenna is of Irish origin, and can be translated as "little raven" or "raven-haired beauty".
This is also a feminine form of the Latinised Celtic name Brennus.
Hate this. Sounds like a little kid saying "Brenda".
I love my name. I'm a "Brenna Mae" (thank you to the one who said it would make a good combination! I think so too!)

I've heard people say it means "Raven haired maiden", "Pure", also "little drop of water" or "little stream". "Little Raven" or "Raven Beauty", also.

Incidentally, I have curly brown hair (my parents named me well!) I completely agree with the pale skin view. I have extremely pale skin, and very dark curly hair (I'm somewhat Italian looking, actually). Everyone is always saying how much of a "Brenna" I look. =)
I like the name Brenna. And Brenna from "American Idol" did fit her name - the color doesn't make the name, it's the person. Your comment, slight_night_shiver, puzzles me.
I prefer this name to Brenda, this sounds much softer and more pleasant somehow, whereas Brenda makes me think of nasty girls and women for some reason. Like Brenda, however, this name sounds like it should be used for girls with dark, straight hair, blue or green eyes, and pale skin. I also vaguely remember the black singer Brenna from American Idol, and I really don't think this name suits black people, or any tanned-looking people. It's a pale person name, ha ha.
It's ironic that Brenna can be a version of Brenda, which means "sword," which gives a connotation of strength. That's actually what I perceived the name to mean when it grew on me.
Brenna Rose Dilley is the oldest of the Dilley sixtuplets, born on May 25, 1993, America's first set of sixtuplets.
I love this name but that's because it's mine. I don't know anyone with this name and I think it's easy to pronounce. But many people pronounce it "Breena" or "Breanna" or even "Brennan" and sometimes "Brenna'. So now I have people call me by my last name. But I think it is a beautiful name and not just because it's mine.
This name means "fire" in Icelandic, "dark" in Celtic, and "raven" or "raven-haired" in Welsh.
I love this name. At first I wasn't wild about it, but my friend Caitlin used it in her novel and I fell in love with the character and, subsequently, the name. Though I know it's nowhere related to Brian, I would use it as an alternative if Brian ended up a girl LOL.
This name is AWESOME! I love it. Nice combinations would be Brenna Marie, Brenna Rose, and Brenna Mae.
Brenna is an old Norse name, meaning 'burning' or 'torch'. My young neice was, unfortunately, named Lokabrenna by her parents. It's a lovely name, really, just super rare. Unheard of, really. It's the Norse name for Sirius and means "burning done by Loki" or "Loki's torch". She was nearly named Lokasenna after the myth, and Lokabrenna kinda came around from there. Of course, she goes by the lovely nickname of "BRENNA".

I have to agree that the name Brenna is getting a bit overused, but, hell, there might be only one or two Lokabrennas in the world, so give the kid a break! :)
A famous bearer of this name is Brenna Dilley, who, along with her brothers and sister, form the first surviving set of sextuplets in America.
I love this name. I think it's beautiful and would love to name my daughter Brenna someday.
This is my name. I like the fact that my parents picked it out for me because it's not that common, it's easy to spell and pronounce (for most people, anyway), and it's a name that ages well. When people meet me for the first time, they either say "Oh wow, that is a beautiful name" or "I've never heard of that before." I admit that I'm getting annoyed at the fact that it's becoming trendy, possibly due to that Brenna from American Idol. Ugh. If anyone wants to name their children this, get used to them being called "Brenda," "Breena," and "Breanna" a LOT. It's been like that since I was born, and it's pretty annoying.
Brenna is Gaelic for "Lovely One".
I love this name. It is a very pretty name that you could easily grow up with.
This was the name of a contestant from "American Idol: Season 5", Brenna Gethers. She was a horrid cow, in my opinion, and I was relieved that she did not qualify for the top 12 in the competition. Ms. Gethers sort of ruined this otherwise lovely name for me, which is a shame.
This is the prettiest name. It just kind of rolls off your tongue, and I picture an adorable little girl with dark curly hair and blue eyes.
The name comes from Wales (Welsh) and was eventually spread to Ireland.
This name makes me think of a brown rabbit. I don't know why.

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