This name does not mean "crow" or "raven" it is the same root as Breoghan or Breogan. It is related to Ibri (there were no vowels yet) and is related to a plethora of other words like Iberia, Britain, Hebrides, Hibernia, Brittany etc. It does have the "re" or "ri" sound like aryan or ariel meaning of a noble people. Recently I saw a thread on Quora which could not figure out which language was the oldest of the Indo European writings, it came down to Basque and Greek, but what they didn't tell or failed to tell is that the Greek and Basque alphabet would not have existed without the Phoenicians (totally neglected from our history). Then you can see that Brennus and Breoghan both had Phoenician connections who fought together with them. The fact of the matter is they were all Phoenicians who spoke and wrote Hebrew, hence the name Ibri or Ivri in Greek. Where did the 10 tribes (in fact all 12 tribes) go (and I don't mean Jews)? It says they were scattered abroad, well there is only one place they could be scattered abroad to and the Phoenicians were the only people who were capable of transporting them (themselves) thus the Phoenician name "Europa".

Brennus was his Greek name to the Greeks, this is like saying Yashua's real name was Jesus, Yashua has a deliberate meaning that should not be changed in any language. Andrew the apostle's real name was Andrea not Ander or Andrew, it was changed due to letters and sounds in different locations, but still the same name.
This is a really cool name!

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