Absolutely beautiful! I prefer this over Bri or Aria. I think this name would fit a girl who really likes art and is super beautiful and pretty. I really recommend this name. 100%.
Short and pretty.
Bria can also be used as a short form of Gabriela, Briana, or other names with a similar sound.
Plain and BORING!
Better than Bri in my opinion.
I don't like it. I prefer Sabrina, Brianna (Bree-AN-uh), and Brielle. Bria is better as a nickname, but I honestly think it's stupid.
Ummmm... the FIRST name you added is SUPPOSED to be BRIANA, NOT BRIANNA. Only ONE N in the name BRIANA. I think you made a TYPO.
It will go like THIS: "Short form of BRIANA, GABRIELLA or other names containing bri."

PLEASE correct the name

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