[brɪˈaˑɬɛn] [noted -ed]
Briallen is also the Cornish word for primrose.
Unless the bearer possesses strong Welsh heritage and holds a surname to pair, this name would look horribly "kre8tiv" (especially in the United States). Here, it would be viewed much as a name along the lines of "Brianna" (a made-up feminized version of "Brian". or otherwise a clever craft of "Bri"/"Bree" and the masculine "Allen." Doe that mean that I necessarily dislike the name? Negative-- of course not. I simply have given you my two cents of thought (I actually find it relatively attractive, in an odd way).
The name Briallen reminds me of the Simon & Garfunkel song "Barbriallen". According to, the song's original version was "The Ballad of Barbara Allen". I suppose Briallen could be also be a contraction of Barbara and Allen?
Both the English (Bree-al-lin) and Welsh (Bree-ah-hlen) pronunciations are very graceful.
This is my mum's name. It annoys her when people call her by its meaning which is primrose. Her brother has a Welsh name too Byron. My nan lived in the Rhonda valleys that's why I think. Most people call her Bre for short which is a type of Welsh cheese. She hates her name. We can never find anything on holiday for her like a keyring with her name on it because it's so unusual. If we went on holiday to the valleys they would probably have it.
This name is so beautiful! I just recently discovered it and I'm happy I did!
'Briallen' is not said as it looks - the LL is a different construction in Welsh, sounding more like an HL-combination (so Bree-a-hlen, in a simplified sense).
This is pronounced Bree-Allen.
I love this. I use it as my name (though it isn't my birth name) on the internet and have also given it to a main character in one of my novels. I hope to someday have a daughter so I can give her this name.

For me, it embodies feminitiy, beauty and the idea that Briallen may seem delicate but is actually quite strong. A gorgeous name.

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