I honestly, don't exactly like this name, not because it's pretty (which it is BEAUTIFUL) I just see kids bullying for this name like "Bridgette the Midget".
Looks like it's trying too hard. I don't read this as BRIJ-it, but brij-ET; and that seems obnoxious and like a showoff to my ears. I've seen the variant Bridgett before, and strangely I don't have the same difficulty with that spelling - that ending E does a lot of damage, in my opinion.

Honestly, though, it might be best to leave Bridget as she is (or use the older Irish spelling, Brigit).
It's a cute and elegant name.
Bridgette is a character on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. She has the “Surfer Girl” label. She is also a vegetarian and loves animals.
Love it!
I think it's a nice girl's name.
The name Bridgette was given to 145 girls born in the US in 2015.
I also am using this for a character's name. I 'discovered' the name a little while ago and so right now I really like the name. I also like the spelling Bridgette better than any other way. It looks more finished and pretty.
The name Bridgette was given to 189 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I've also heard it pronounced Bridge - et - ee, so there must be two ways to pronounce it.
I think this is a surprisingly lovely and pleasant-sounding name. :)
I'm using this for my character's name. I think the name itself is very beautiful. I personally like this spelling of the name better than the spelling 'Bridget'.

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