I thought I should direct those looking for the unisex English name to the submitted page since they are pronounced differently and are unrelated, just so the ratings/information aren't mixed up. Thank you!
Pronounced as "BREEN". [noted -ed]
Also, it can be ENGLISH.
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.
In the USA, it was given to 16 girls in 2004.
Can be a nickname for Brinley.
Brin Ohmsford of the Shannara books, sister of Jair and daughter of Wil.
Given to 16 girls in America in 2014.
A fantastic name that suits both sexes. I'd use this spelling for males and Brynn for females.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.
Since the 1880's Brin hasn't appeared on the top 1000 list for either a boy or girl.

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