Despise! Please use Brody!
This name can also be FEMININE in the UK, making it UNISEX - As SEEN on the CHART.
I don't even like Brody on girls, but this spelling looks very juvenile.
This name is seriously awful to me. It sounds too close to Brobee (a character from Yo Gabba Gabba), and I HATE Yo Gabba Gabba. It also sounds too close to Broody.
I've only met 2 people with this name. One of my best friends (girl) is named Brodie, and a boy named Brody. Some people call this name "tasteless" but I think it's a fair name. I don't dislike it, but I don't favorite it either.
The name Brodie was given to 303 boys born in the US in 2016.
My name is Brodie. I've always loved my name, even if people are usually expecting a person of the male gender when they hear it. I was reading some of the other comments and I was getting quite annoyed, hearing that people think my parents are "tasteless" is awful. My parents are the opposite. The name suits me and my personality. I'm different and it shows through my unique name.
Brody is a fairly common Polish and Polish-Jewish surname, being derived from the Polish word for beard.
God, do I hate this name. The Brody spelling is just as bad, along with Brady. They all sound like the names of stoned surfers or dogs. I mean really, how well is the name 'Brodie/Brody' going to suit a man in his 70's? It's gag inducing. I feel horrible for all the poor little boys being given this name by their modern and trendy tasteless parents. The sound of this name grates my ears. And for a GIRL?! It couldn't be any more masculine. For god sakes, it begins with BRO! I will forever hate this name with a passion and hope to never meet a little Brody (because there surely aren't any over the age of maybe 15) in my life.
I have only ever seen Brodie used for girls, while the spelling Brody is used for boys.
My mistake; I have since met two baby boys called Brodie.
I have loved this name for a boy since I saw Mallrats. I think it's a cute, but tough, name. I prefer the BRODIE spelling over BRODY because it looks less like a last name, and just because I prefer -ie endings as opposed to -y endings on names.
Brodie is typically the Scottish spelling, whereas Brody is Irish - though it isn't established as a first name in either place. There was a whiny, irritating girl on Home and Away called Brodie.
This is my FAVORITE boy's name! It's the best! I'm naming my first baby boy this! With this spelling, I adore it!
I know a boy named this. He spells it Brody though. It is a very cute name.
Brodie is a great name for a boy. I myself don't like it for a girl. The spelling I prefer is Brody.
Brodie is the name of Jason Lee's character in the Kevin Smith comedy Mallrats.
I love this name - it's the name I gave my daughter. I hadn't heard of "Brodie" used for a girl but for my little one, it fits very well.

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