This sounds masculine in my opinion, I can only see it on a male.
It’s a nice name.
I’ve changed my mind. I think it suits both genders.
I prefer the ‘e’ pronounced ‘ay’ so ‘bron-tay’ (I’m British) or ‘brawn-tay’. I prefer it for females now.
Bronte Campbell, OAM, is an Australian competitive swimmer, an Olympic gold-medal winner and world champion. Her older sister, Cate, is also a competitive swimmer, and once held world records in both the short and long course 100 metre individual freestyle events. Bronte and Cate are the first Australian siblings on the same Olympic swimming team since the 1972 Olympics and the first Australian sisters ever to compete within the same swimming event at the Olympics. Bronte Campbell won three gold medals at the 2015 World Championships, including the 50 and 100 metre freestyle events.
E si pronuncia Bronte come in italiano con le vocali aperte e la R decisa. È un nome italiano.

[trans: And it is pronounced Bronte as in Italian with open vowels and definite R. It is an Italian name.]
Bronte è il nome di un paese che si trova in Sicilia sul vulcano Etna e che prende il nome da un gigante della antica mitologia greca. Horatio Nelson per motivi storici divenne il Duca di Bronte (Catania)ed I suoi eredi Bridport_Nelson abitarono per lunghi anni la Ducea. Il padre delle scrittrici cambiò il proprio cognome in Bronte ( in iinglese con la dieresi affinché fosse pronunciata la e come in italiano) poiché ammiratore dell'ammiraglio. Il castello Nelson è visitabile e possiede una croce celtica, giardini all'inglese ed un cimitero british. È una storia che pochi conoscono ed anche in Italia. Il paese di Bronte è a tutt'oggi gemellato con il paese natale di Nelson.

[trans: Bronte is the name of a town that is found in Sicily on the Etna volcano and that takes its name from a giant of ancient Greek mythology. Horatio Nelson for historical reasons became the Duke of Bronte (Catania) and his Bridport-Nelson heirs inhabited the Duchy for many years. The writers' father changed his surname to Bronte (in English with the diaeresis for it to be pronounced e as in Italian) as admiral's admirer. The Nelson castle can be visited and has a Celtic cross, English gardens and a British cemetery. It is a story that few know and even in Italy. The town of Bronte is still today twinned with Nelson's birthplace.]
This name would make a fitting tribute for lovers of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. While the original spelling is Brontë (which I personally think looks nicer), it might confuse modern English speakers. While the Bronte family pronounced their surname "brun-tee", as a given name, I have only heard it pronounced as "bron-tay".
Bronte is such a beautiful and elegant name for a girl. I don’t really see it for a boy though! Bronte seems too feminine to me, like Blondie. I still think this name is adorable.
Bronte Carmichael is a British child actress. She played Madeline Robin in the 2018 Disney film Christopher Robin.
My name is Brontë, it’s pronounced Bron-tee and I am a male. Only met one Bron-tay and her name was spelt Brontê.
With the umlaut (ë) it should be pronounced bron-tee, with a short 'o'. My name is Bronte without the umlaut but I say it with one anyway because it sounds better...
It was a bit hard to grow up with, but I got some pretty good nicknames and it definitely inspired me to read more.
There is also a crappy little caravan park in Tasmania called Bronte Park. It does have a pretty cool rope swing over the creek though :)
Variation includes Brontë.
The pronunciaton is also "brahn-tay."
The e has 2 dots above it (umlaut or diaeresis), not an accent. An accent (like a tick) would mean it was pronounced AY (as in cafe). The umlaut means it is pronounced and not silent - as in Chloe and Zoe. (Sorry my keyboard does not allow me to put it in). Without the umlaut it would simply be pronounced Bront. Andie McDowell is right! I saw this movie 20 years or so ago and had completely forgotten it (maybe it was in my subconscious). I named my daughter Bronte because she came to me in a dream and introduced herself to me! I love Bronte Beach and I love the Bronte sisters (have visited their home in the Yorkshire moors). And we are not bogans! Sometimes we call her Brontay for fun but mostly it's "Beautiful Bronte!" She is 8.
I have three daughters and we named our third daughter, Bronte. I first heard the name a long time ago in the movie, Green Card. I fell in love with the name then. I passed on using it for my first two daughters, whose names are Taylor and Kate. Then I said, well, if I ever have a third daughter, I'll name her Bronte and voila! I love how unique it is and elegant and it has a cute factor too. I don't know if many people noticed this particular part of the movie, Green Card, but there is a scene where Andy McDowell is upset with Gérard Depardieu as usual. But anyway, he calls her Bron-tay and she corrects him and says, "It's Bron-tee", in a quiet way actually. And I noticed that every other minor character in the film, all her friends and acquaintances call her Bron-tay. She never corrects any of them but she does correct him. I think it shows she cares that he pronounces her name correctly cause she loves him and of course wants him to know the real her. It's a little subtle part of the film that I appreciated. ;-)

We use the Bron-tee pronunciation also. But when folks call my daughter Bron-tay, I don't mind and I don't correct them unless they ask. It doesn't bother me. But all our close friends and relative pronounce it the way we intended.
My name is Brontë and I personally think that it is hard for people to pronounce it, especially teachers. I always get Brawn-tee instead of Brawn-tay when it clearly has the accent on top of the E. Therefore, I think that Bronte is not a Bogoan name, I think it is a highly sophisticated and old name that has a lot of history. It is not Bogan.
I think Bronte is said BRON-tee, but Brontë (which I personally prefer), is said BRON-tay.
The name is also a cyclops name. I was shocked when I found out that I was also named that, but I still love my name.:)
I love it. It's my sisters name. Though everyone pronounces it Bron-tee, she goes by Bron-tay.
My name is Bronte and I think that it is a great name.
This would sound beautiful on a girl, especially as a middle name! :)
After being reintroduced to the movie Green Card in 2001 with Andie MacDowell & Gérard Depardieu, there was never going to be any other name for our daughter than 'Bronte' - our pronunciation is [Brawn]-[tay]. To help avoid any confusion with how to say her name, we altered the spelling to Brontae. We constantly get compliments on how lovely her name is.
My name is Bronte and I'm a female. I love this name because it reflects great writers long ago and it truly is orginal. It's better to be different than to be all the same.
I think the Brawn-tey (rhyming with Dante) pronunciation sounds strong and incredibly masculine. Because the name is associated with the Bronte sisters (and female literature, poetry, feminism, etc.) it spoils it a little for boys because many people think 'girly' even though it's a neutral-masculine surname. I don't know why I really like this name- but for boys only. However, I probably wouldn't name my son Bronte because of the associations.
The father of the Bronte sisters changed the family name to "Bronte" in honour of Horatio Nelson the great naval commander. Nelson was made duke of Bronte - a town in Sicily -by the Neapolitan king in thanksgiving for defeating the French. The Sydney beach also takes its name from the Sicilian town which means "thunder" probably because of the proximity of the place to Mount Etna the volcano.
Pronounced 'bron-tee'( short 'o' like in hot) in British English.
I know a girl named Bronte and she pronounces it Brawn-tey but is always correcting weirdos who pronounce it Brawn-tee. Brawn-tey sounds so much better than Brawn-tee, which reminds me of a horse noise or something.

I also thought it sounded manly to be a girls name but all the Brontes I've met have been girls, probably from the Bronte sisters' association.
Bronte is a beachside suburb of Sydney, Australia.

I can assure the user vomiting that in Australia, locational names are very popular, and girls called Bronte are much more likely to be named after Bronte Beach than the Bronte sisters.

The anonymous user is correct: this is indeed a bogan name.

(Pseudo-intellectuals don't use it because it's been claimed by bogans).
I think Brontë would make a great middle name (feminine).
The 'bogan' comment above made me laugh. This is a name popular with pseudo-intellectuals.
One word: BOGAN.
Ah and I do love the Cyclops connection. Real sweet. :)
I agree, saying this is a masculine name is outdated. While not common in Australia this name for a girl is not unheard of - I went to school with 3.
Please note that this name is becoming more prevalent for girls, so much so that I think that the gender should read "Feminine and Masculine" as opposed to the current "Masculine".
My girlfriend's name is Bronte. After knowing her I really can't see the name used for a boy.
I love this name, I think I'd use it more as a middle name just because there are a few more names that I love more than this one and don't plan on having 6 or 7 kids. I like it better as a girls name but I guess it would be nice for a boys name too.
I do think that this is a rather feminine name. I just can't picture a boy with it! But it is such a cool name, and I love the Bronte sisters' works. My favorite combo for this is Bronte Evangeline.
Seems like a very feminine name to me. Beautiful!
Andie MacDowell played a character named Bronte in the film Green Card. It seemed perfect, the kind of "look-how-educated-and-clever-we-are-name" some parents would bestow on their children.
I always thought Bronte was a French name.
I like it as a girl's name.
I think it's beautiful for a girl.
I have seen it pronounced Brawhn-Tee but more often pronounced Brawhn-Tay.
An ancient Greek name, from the Greek word "bronte", means "the sound of the thunder" in Greek. In Greek mythology Brontes was a Cyclops, the personification of "bronte".

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