I prefer this spelling. And I think this is A BRAVE SCOTTISH KING NAME, not some Welsh little girls name.
All Bronwyn’s, take heart! ‘white breasted’ is a literal translation. As a child I didn’t like the interpretation but when I was in my 20’s I met a Welshman who said it really means ‘pure hearted’. That makes more sense, but I still never went topless as I wanted to stay true to my name!
I am an author and the hero of my book series goes by the name Bronwyn. The first book, The Secrets of Moonshine, introduces this character. The Moonshine series fan base is growing rapidly and soon this name may be more common. So all of you out there who have struggled under the name, embrace it and read the books. Your name sake is a hero!

Denise Daisy
Author- The Secrets of Moonshine.
While some make jokes and others playfully razz in regards to your name, I, however, get visions of a stark, desolate Moor with heavy, low-lying fog.
My name is Bronwyn. As I was growing up I didn't like the name because it was so different from all my friends'. My mother ensured that it was never shortened (thank you Mum); and it wasn't, until I was into my late 30's when someone suddenly started calling me Bronnie, which they spell Broni, Brony or Bron. (I still prefer Bronwyn). As a child I had the nickname of Bumblebee and Bumbles. Bumblebee has been a part of me through the years and I like it as a nick name, but my friends prefer to call me Bronnie or Bron.
Sometimes you can't change how other people say and spell your name so I try to embrace and accept it as much as I can.
NOT Brownyn though, that really annoys me.
When people ask about the meaning - white breast - it brings up the subject of breast cancer, which fits in with my career. I'm a Mammographer for BreastScreen.
My name is Bronwyn and I can honestly say I've hated it for as long as I can remember. It causes me so much stress and anxiety when introducing myself to others, the misspelling and pronunciations I get are horrendous. Dealing with the looks I get from people when I tell them my name (usually after repeating several times) isn't the best feeling either. Then it's often followed by the question "What does it mean?" and the conversation only gets worse or I get laughed at. I'd love to change it to something more common or easily pronounced.
In welsh it means, "Fair Breast".
I am one of the people who was lucky enough to have her parents give her this name. I didn't know anything about its origin and neither do my parents to this day until I found this website. It may be an unusual name, but it's unique and I love it. Over the years it has inspired some funny nicknames from my friends such at Bronnie, and they do make me laugh. However, with each good thing comes a bad thing. People started to spell it wrong, such as Brownyn, which annoyed the hell out of me, but I ignored it. I think it's an amazing name and the people who have it as their name, including me, are lucky to have it.
The name Bronwyn was given to 43 girls born in the US in 2015.
Bronwynne Brent, a folk singer-songwriter. (Her name is spelt slightly differently but it's pronounced the same way.)
I love my name and everything, but the misspellings and mispronunciations get crazy. "Brownin", "Bronin", "Brownwin" are just a few...
I love it and have every intention of naming my first daughter Bronwyn.
I really like this name, I think it's very beautiful. My best friend has this name, so when I hear it I think of her.
I also think it is a great name for a strong and professional woman.
This is a name I have been proud to bear because my parents were wise enough to tell me its history and meaning from the time I was young. If you are a parent who wants to bestow a beautiful and unusual name on your daughter, Bronwyn or Bronwen is a great choice. Team it with Brigid, Anne, or another middle name instantly reognizeable as feminine, and your daughter will not have a problem with people assuming the name is masculine. It is a name with character and strength. And, it is also a great conversation starter in Bronwyn's professional and social life.
Originally from Australia, I was named Bronwyn. I only became aware that Bronwyn was being used as a male name upon traveling after college. I was both amazed and shocked to learn that in North America it was regarded as a male name occasionally given to females.

For anyone considering Bronwyn for their son I would ask that they reconsider due to the origins of the name.

Bronwyn comes from Bronwen, and the Celtic (predominantly Welsh) story of Branwen featured in the Celtic manuscript collection 'Mabinogion' (Section II). In short, the story of Branwen is not pleasant; Branwen is given to an Irish King (Matholwch), suffers at the hands of her master and trains a starling to bring the news to her brothers for rescue.

Brother Bran, with half-brother Efnisien, free Branwen and return her to Wales. It is Bran (or modern equivalent Bron, as in, LeBron) that is the masculine form. Bran is depicted as a strong and handsome man. Bran is often referred to as 'Bendigeifran' in the 'Mabinogion'. Note: Bendigeifran means Bran the Blessed in Welsh, as Branwen is 'Brangwaine'; Bran originally meaning 'Raven'.

Some will argue that Bronwyn is masculine due to the affix -wyn (Welsh m.), however as Bronwyn is a Trans-Celtic name both Bronwyn and Bronwen are feminine as the affixes -wen (Welsh) and -wyn (Irish) are feminine.

The historical figure of Bronwyn is one of beauty, love and inspiration, and can be likened to that of Ishtar, however Branwen's story is of slavery and suffering.

For the record I have changed my name since childhood, as Bronwyn is not an internationally recognized (or pronounceable) name.
I really love this name!, I don't think that I would use it as it's not a favourite. But I think it's definitely a beautiful name. It reminds me of a naturist or someone who enjoys exploring forests. I also prefer this spelling to 'Bronwen' because I think that it looks more feminine, but I like the other spelling too. Xox.
Absolutely beautiful, but the meaning could be quite embarrassing.

"so... what does your name mean?"
"white breast"
Also called Bronwen or Branwyn, she is the Welsh goddess of Love and Beauty. Her name has been translated as 'white-breasted', 'fair-breasted', or 'white raven', and ravens and starlings are her animals. The Alder tree belongs to her. She was regarded as a moon goddess, as well as the Daughter of the Sea. Since her attributes are similar to those of the Roman goddess, Venus, she was known as the Venus of the North Sea. She is known as "the giver of bracelets." Worshipped throughout Celtic lands, including Manx, Branwen is the keeper of the magickal Cauldron of Plenty, and she governs regeneration, growth, and healing. She is honored during each waxing moon as the Maiden, and the full moon in June is Branwen's moon. She is one of the the five goddesses of Avalon -- called by some the Lady of the Lake herself -- and along with Rhiannon and Cerridwen, is one of the three mother goddesses of Britain. Like many Celtic goddesses, she was once a real person, a princess of the house of Llyr who was wed to the High King of Ireland. An insult at her wedding feast brought war between Ireland and Wales. Her brother, Bran the Blessed, was killed during the war to rescue her from oppression at the Irish court, and when she later returned to Wales, she died of a broken heart.
Senator Bronwyn Bishop (b. 1942) is a very prominent and feisty politician in Australia.
Now that I'm older, I really love my name. When I was younger I wished I had been named something "common" (as I put it). This is simply because people seem to have real problems with pronouncing and spelling it resulting in a lot of "bronwin" and even "bromlin". To my mom's horror, the little girl down the street started calling me Robin to get around pronoucing my name. Now I get lots of comments about how pretty it is and I love having a unique name. I'm an artistic type and it's a lovely name to attach to a piece of artwork. I know it's not the proper Welsh spelling but I like the "y", other than that change it's great having a different name that is actually a name not something made up.
Bronwyn Brigid Price is the daughter of actress Maureen O'Hara and writer/director Will Price. She was named for Anna Lee's character, Bronwyn, from the movie "How Green Was My Valley", in which her mother also starred.
Bronwyn is not by itself Welsh; it is the Irish spelling of the Welsh name Bronwen. -wen is feminine in Welsh and masculine in Irish; -wyn is feminine in Irish and masculine in Welsh.
I chose this name for my beautiful daughter "Bronwyn". At the time I didn't know the origin of the name, and did I neither care. Spelt with a " Y" I find it to be more fancy and not as plain as wen. I find this name to be elegant and lady-like with a hint of boldness. A real women's name if you like, but this is why I named her this not because it's Welsh or how they like to pronounce and spell it.
This, technically, would be male as the female should end in 'wen', not 'wyn'.
As has been pointed out, the form 'Bronwyn' (which does not exist in Wales, to the best of my knowledge) is grammatically *masculine*. It seems to be used most commonly in the USA, where probably few people understand Welsh gender forms. The main entry reflects actual usage, even though incorrect, and in any case, traditionally masculine English forenames are frequently bestowed upon females in the USA.

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