Cool and epicccc.
Very unattractive.
Bruce Stone is one of the characters players must save in the video game Balan Wonderworld. Always picking up trash around his city and it always reappearing the next day, Bruce feels helpless and invisible to the world around him. His level is a mysterious lush ruin.
Bruce Woodley of The Seekers, anyone?
Bruce sounds like the name of a jock high school bully in a movie set in the 1950s. I hate this name so much.
I don’t like it.
Goofy and odd-sounding. I am of Scottish descent, but this is one of the (unfortunately many) weird Scottish names.
Not a name I'm personally a fan of, but I will always associate this name to Batman, which to me is a positive connotation!
Bruce Wayne.
My name is Bruce and I get bullied a lot.
I can't see this name making a comeback anytime soon, but, I think it would be really nice as a middle name. Middle names escape all the teasing / negative steryotypes ("puce," "bruise," meathead jock) and get to keep all the meaning / name associations parents want to pass on (Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Wayne, Bruce Lee, etc).
We love the name Bruce. We have a baby Bruce and it suits him perfectly. With our surname it's sure to get a reaction from batman fans, but that will give him good chat up lines for when he's older.
My dad's name is Bruce. He's very happy with his namesakes but he prefers it to be less common than it is. He would rather be named Rupert after his father though.
Bruce Willis, Bruce Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Irvin, Bruce Dickinson, "Bruce Wayne", Marshall Bruce Mathers, Bruce McLaren, Bruce Smith, Bruce Seldon, Bruce Dern, Bruce Arians, and Bruce Bochy.
My name is Bruce. I’m not sure how I feel about my name. I’m a former Marine and I’m very masculine. Not sure if that has anything to do with my name. Have noticed that not many children are named Bruce lately. I wonder if it goes in cycles.
In 2018, 54 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Bruce who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 159th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name was somewhat popular for baby boys approximately 60-70 years ago in the USA. Along with the famous Bruces listed here by others (Willis, Springsteen, Boxleitner and Lee) I knew a few teen and early twenty-something young men with this name when I was in high school/college in the early to mid 1970's. The name doesn't seem to be used much since then. It's a decent enough name though. I like the fact there are no nicknames for it.
Sounds harsh.
Major Bruce Middleton Hope Shand was the father of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
Cool sounding name. Sounds more like a surname though.
Very nice, masculine sounding name.
Bruce... has a horrible sound.

It is immediately linked with fire in my mind because in Italian there is the verb "bruciare" that means "to burn". It is a link that makes it stronger but the sound "bru" has not a good appeal at all.

I prefer other names to honour Scotland.
Bruce Meredith is the name of John and Rose Meredith's child in Rilla of Ingleside.
I like this name. Mostly because it’s associated with sharks (thanks to Jaws and Finding Nemo), and I have loved sharks ever since I was a young girl, and it’s the name of my uncle.
Bruce can be traced back to Old Norse-Brúsi -meaning Buck / He-goat.
First used current spelling in Normandy by the Viking settlers. Brought to Scotland after the Norman Invasion. Old Swedish Old Norwegian and old Danish converted the name to Bruse. Bruse is a Norwegian/Danish word that means Noise, Surge, Fizz.
It bears a slight resemblance to the word 'brutal', and for some reason that's all I think of. It's strange, because the two are only mildly similar.
Bruce is a great name. I love how strong and classic it is.
Bruce Darnell is an American model and choreographer based in Germany. Darnell was born and grew up in Colorado. After studying sociology, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served six years as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.
My husband's name is Bruce. I guess when you love someone you end up loving their name, because I didn't when we first met, but I do now. His mom called him Brucie, even as an adult, and after she died, I began calling him that too, as a comfort, I guess.
Bruce Dickinson of the metal band Iron Maiden bears this name, however it is actually his middle name. His real name is Paul.
Bruce is a cool name and reminds me of Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. I also like the nickname Brucey.
Guns n' Roses front man Axl Rose was born William Bruce Rose, Jr.
I cannot even begin to describe how terrible this name is. It's laughably dated, unattractive, not special, and sounds like "Bruise."
It boggles my mind as to why this name didn't leave the charts long ago.
I think Bruce is a great name because it reminds me of my favorite superhero BATMAN! I would totally name my kid Bruce.
This name sounds tough since it's the name of Batman and the hulk.
I like this name a lot, it has a serious sound to it but it's still a good name to have. However I think Bruce Jenner has probably ruined the name for a lot of people.
In the 70's Bruce was the generic name of a stereotypical gay man (complete with limp wrist and a lisp) in jokes about gay men.
My brother, named Bruce, was glad when Bruce Willis and Bruce Springsteen re-associated the name with straight men. Later on he came out.
In 1954, Dr Fredric Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent, a book explaining how comic books were ruining the youth of America. In the book, Dr Wertham implies that millionaire Bruce Wayne and his ward, Dick Grayson (Batman and Robin) are gay. The book gained notoriety during congressional hearing on comic books, also in 1954. If you look at the popularity of "Bruce" as a name, you will see that it peaks in 1951-2.
The given description discusses the history and origin of the name, yet fails to explain what the name means.
Think it is a good idea to give your little baby boy a pretty-sounding name like Bruce? He won't always be a little baby and Bruce is not appropriate for a grown man. I have hated my name for over 45 years. Please don't name your child Bruce.
J. Bruce Ismay was the managing director of the White Star Line and survivor of the RMS Titanic disaster. After the disaster, he was called a coward and a 'Benedict Arnold of the sea' by the press, as well as the biggest coward in history.
Formula 1 driver and founder of the McLaren team Bruce McLaren.
This is also Mandy Patinkin's middle name.
The name of the town may come from bruscia, a Vulgar Latin word meaning "brush", which is ultimately from bhreus, a Proto-Indo-European word meaning "sprout".
Reminds me of a bruise. It's also one of those names that I can't picture on men under 40 (of course, they were kids once too, but it still sounds odd on young boys).
I don't really like the look or sound of it but I have a huge soft spot for the name Bruce because I love Bruce Springsteen and I was a big fan of Bruce Willis when I was younger. I consider Bruce a very manly name, almost macho.
Reminds me of bruises. Don't like it.
Bruce Walker in the main character in Lois Duncan's novel "Hotel for Dogs". In the film version, he is portrayed by the adorable Jake T. Austin.
My name is Bruce, I'm no better or stronger than any other, a name is a name, you are who you are, I'm an asshole, a good person, a bad lover, a good lover, I'm like everyone else but with my own name, they could have called me Sue!
Sounds like a very nice middle aged bald man. And I think of penguins. I think I saw some cartoon about a penguin named Bruce or something.
There is also Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden.
A Monty Python Sketch where all the men are named Bruce.
Bruce Banner aka The Incedible Hulk.
"Bruce Wayne" Batman.
The name always makes me think of really idiotic men who like to act tough and manly. It doesn't have a pleasant sound to it anyway. Come on, it's pronounced like 'bruise'. And it's the middle name of that moron Eminem.
A famous bearer is Bruce Hornsby, an American singer and pianist.
Hollywood actor Bruce Campbell is a famous bearer.
In England, Wales and Ireland the name Bruce means: Briar patch--Thicket (as in rough patch of woods) and also: Lord of the Woods. This info comes from entries by my Irish-Welsh great grand parents about my first name.
This is my name but I am not fond of it. Oh well. I'll get over it.
I like the name Bruce, it's very masculine and is quite popular in Australia. ;)
The movie "Bruce Almighty."
My father thinks this name sounds effeminate. I disagree and rather like it.
I don't like this name, it is a really cold and unfeeling name.
One famous Bruce was Bruce Jun Fan Lee, Chinese-American martial artist and actor.
Two famous bearers - Bruce Springsteen and actor Bruce Willis.
Bruce Wayne is Batman's alter ego. Bruce is also the name of the shark in "Jaws" and in "Finding Nemo."

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