Some people may CONFUSE this name with BYRON as the spelling is ALMOST identical.
Please stick with Brian or Bryan.
No, just no.
Bryon Mccane also known as Bizzy Bone. He is an extremely gifted music artist he raps but he can also sing very beautiful he has a tenor voice and has written many inspirational songs. He was named after his stepfather Byron but his name is Bryon pronounced like the name Brian.
I think Bryon is the most beautiful name, the best spelling coming from the name Brian, it has a tiny bit different pronunciation I say it like this :bry- awn: Bryon is my very favorite name for a male. Bryonna is a beautiful female version.
Ugh, this is worse than Brion. It doesn't even look like it's related to Brian anymore. Then again, maybe that's what the people who created this spelling wanted.

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