This name is very old-fashioned in the Philippines and only survives as a surname. If I were to meet someone named "Buenaventura," I'd think that they were an old man. Still, I like it. It looks good, and it's somewhat easy to pronounce the Filipino way, and I love long names! The meaning of "good fortune" is wonderful, in my opinion. I can't really imagine this on a woman, well, I can, but then I can also imagine names like James or Manley on women.
Very long, don't you think?
Buenaventura Perez Rodriguez (July 14, 1893 – December 9, 1940) was a playwright, the governor of Cebu, Philippines from 1937 until 1940, and a member of the House of Representatives for two terms. He was the first Cebu governor of the Philippine Commonwealth.
Classy, stylish, chic, it feels like the name of a model.
This name is so long and fun looking.
Buenaventura Durruti was a Spanish anarchist who participated in the Spanish Civil War.
This is my sisters name, it is masculine and feminine.
(I'm not Spanish, I'm English). My name is Rosalba and I love my name though my sister is called Buenaventura and she hates it. She was bullied in school with the nickname 'Benny'. She is now 29 and has changed her name to Jasmine.
Lovely name, hard to spell and pronounce.
I think it means "good fortune" in Spanish, although I'm not sure, don't nag at me, I'm not an expert.

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