My first association is the color and the second is the wine. It's not exactly pretty either.
someone-  5/24/2020
I think it would be an absolutely beautiful and unique name... If I could just stop thinking of Will Ferrell playing Ron Burgundy in Anchorman. Might have to wait a few decades for that impression to fade. RIP to those named Burgundy before that movie came out.
Mana  5/19/2020
This is my name. Mine is spelled Burgundi and pronounced like the color. I used to hate it growing up, felt like it was too old for me and no one ever pronounced it right or they thought it wasn't my real name. I do like it now though. My mom chose it after watching The Gambler Returns. It was Reba's character name in the movie.
Burgundi  4/17/2020
Sounds weird, like it shouldn't be a name.
Bescriva  1/27/2020
Despite a lot of people hating this name, I love it. I don't mind the bur part. When I hear the name Burgundy, I think of a classy and rich woman.
kayisforkeen  8/14/2018
Kind of upsetting to see these people saying things like this about my name, I think its flattering and unique. I'm a very fierce and fiery person and when I imagine my name I see a deep purple color that reminds me of a mystery, and I would like to be known as that.
i.says.duhh  10/31/2017
My name is Bergundi.(bur-gun-dee) I'm the only Bergundi I've never known and I think BergAndy is very unique and beautiful. I've never heard that name before.
i.says.duhh  10/31/2017
Luvbug86  8/5/2017
I didn't know it was a given name..
When I found it the first time I was excited because it was so strange and related with France, wine and colours.

Now I think it is too pretentious and hippy (like Violet Sky).
But I still like it so I prefer it as a pet name.
Felie  3/23/2017
This name makes me think of wine.
ERK  12/24/2016
Burgundy might be for a girl, if she had an ancestral French heritage or her family made wine or owned a winery. The name isn't for everyone. But if someone wants to name their daughter this, no one can stop them. But they will at some time, get teased. And maybe not if they are living in France or from France. This would stir up some conversations. I like the color Burgundy on some cars, curtains, rugs and wines.
Flower06  9/30/2015
Anchorman Ron Burgundy.
MarcoJackson  4/22/2015
Ew! This is SO harsh and screams 'surname' I don't see 'Burgundy' soft, feminine, or flattering for a girl at all. If anything, it should be a males name.

Now, I'm not saying that girls should have really soft, feminine names but... Burgundy just isn't for a girl.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2014
Burgundy is a character in Pokémon. She is the rival of Cilan.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2014
While this name is certainly pretty-looking, it's not very pretty-sounding, and unless you have a family reason to name your daughter after the region in France, it's a no.
kvpp88  8/14/2014
I really dislike this name. It doesn't sound at all feminine to me.
number1212  7/9/2009
Okay, I take back the comment about the sitting on the bowl and making sounds thing, as the same sound ''gn'' is present in many other names too, like Logan, which is actually a nice name. I just don't like it when it comes after ''BUR''. Sometimes when people are cold or get shivers of disgust, they say ''burrrr'', and that's what comes to mind, and the ''gun'' after ''BUR'' just kind of makes me think of burgers as well.
slight night shiver  5/21/2008
Oh dear. Where should I start? Two schwa-sounds, one in the first, another in the second syllable. That nasty ''burrr'' sound that comes in the word 'burp', which really does sound like an apt word for the action, and in the name Bertha. Yuck. And then there's the hideous ''gnnn'' sound that reminds me of, ahem, the sounds people sometimes make on the bowl. Plus, the name is pretentious, and the name of a wine just sounds weird on people. It may not be as tacky as Tequila, but sheesh, it's still pretty weird.
slight night shiver  5/18/2008
It's not really my style, but the consonants in it give it a strength that is hard to find in the most popular girl's names of today. Flatly, this name is quite pretty and extremely refreshing. :)
CamilleTheGreat  6/3/2007
Strangely enough I like this name a whole lot.
classy  10/6/2006
This name is so funny! I'm trying not to laugh right now! Tee hee. Talisyn, I don't know how you think this name is great.
Taydbug112  9/21/2006
I have a friend named BurgAndy. The A is pronounced instead of a U sound. I love her name, even if she never can find anything with her name already on it.
Talisyn  5/19/2006

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