Bushra Khalil (Arabic: بشرى خليل‎) is a lawyer from Southern Lebanon. Originally from the town of Jwaya, Khalil graduated from the Lebanese University (UL) in 1979 with a Law degree. She is best known as one of the legal defenders of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein when he was on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity.
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Bushra Hyder is a Pakistani schoolteacher and peace activist. Hyder founded and runs the Qadims Lumiere School and College in Peshawar, Pakistan, which had 1000 students in 2012. The school places a heavy emphasis on its peace curriculum, introduced in 2009, which entails education on a variety of religions and cultures. The aim of the curriculum is to prevent students from turning to jihad. Hyder has lobbied to get other schools in the region and country to implement similar curricula. Hyder has co-founded the Women's Alliance for Security Leadership, and is a member of the PAIMAN Alumni Trust Pakistan, an anti-jihad organisation. She works with politicians and religious leaders to counter extremism.
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Bushra Farrukh (Urdu: بشری فارخ‎; born 16 February 1957), is a Pakistani poet. She was born in Peshawar. She is one of the female Urdu poets of Pakistan. She has served Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan as an announcer.She is the artist of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa who has performed in four different languages Urdu, Pashto, Hindko and English at television and radio.
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Usages: Arabic, Pakistani, Urdu

Transcription: بشرى (Arabic), بشریٰ (Urdu)

Meaning: From Arabic بَشَّرَ (baššara) meaning "to bring good news" (see Bashir).

Source: Kohlheim, Rosa/Kohlheim, Volker "Duden. Lexikon der Vornamen", Mannheim, Germany, 2013

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