I watched Arthur a lot when I was younger, so now when I hear this name I think of Arthur. And it DOES sound like a rabbit name! Whoever said that it was for dogs…?P.S I would only use this name as a nickname for a human. Don’t see how it would work as an actual name.
Reminds me of a bad word. Also, I can't help thinking of: Ooh, Buster got busted! This is one of the WORST NAMES OUT THERE.
I hate this name so much! Even bad for a pet! DON'T and I mean DON'T USE THIS NAME AT ALL! Use Rufus for a human instead, that's better than this horrible, nasty, obnoxious, babyish, mean name!
This name reminds me of Arthur (also probably why some see it as a rabbit name) and I cannot imagine a man with this name being taken seriously.
Also Buster Merryfield from Only Fools and Horses, who played the grandfather. His real name was Harry, so Buster would have been a nickname.
Buster keaton, anyone?
I think it is a mistake to say this name comes from one who breaks things. It is my understanding it is derived from a child’s mispronunciation of the word, “brother.” So it is therefore similar to other nicknames like “Sissy” or “Bubba.“
Rabbit name.
Silly name.
Dog name. Just dog name.
The name Buster was given to 17 boys born in the US in 2015.
Buster Posey, All-Star catcher and three-time World Series champion for the San Francisco Giants.
Chris Wolstenholme's (Bassist) youngest son is called Buster. I don't know if it's his real name or a nickname, though.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Buster Brown! Buster Brown was a very popular comic strip character of the 1900s. He is a very mischievous little boy who is always making resolutions to be good that he never keeps.
Buster ROCKS! Wait til you meet my Buster--and we'll see who can't be taken seriously.
Though silent film comedian Buster Keaton was a famous bearer, his real name was Joseph Frank Keaton. Supposedly, he got his nickname and later stage name from Harry Houdini when he was a child. This name isn't good for an actual name, and sounds more like the name of dog.
Buster is the name of the crash-test dummy on Mythbusters. The reason for the name is obvious.
Buster Bluth was the youngest, developmentally delayed child of George and Lucille Bluth in the popular American television programme 'Arrested Development.'
Let it be noted that the character of Buster Bluth's actual first name is Byron, with Buster as a nickname.
Sounds like a good name for a dog or a rabbit (the latter probably due to Buster Bunny), but it sounds ridiculous on a person. It makes me think of thugs.
Buster Crabbe, which was only his stage name.
An immature, silly name that shouldn't even be used as a nickname. How could a man named Buster be taken seriously?
It's okay for a nickname, not a real name.
Good name for a dog but not a person.
Buster Bunny, a young male rabbit who was one of the stars of the animated series "Tiny Toon Adventures".
My furry white cat is named Buster. I would hate this name for a human, but it is an okay name for a male pet.
Buster was the child in The Shiralee.
Buster is the name of Arthur's rabbit friend on the Arthur cartoon for kids. He likes to eat.

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