This is the name I chose for myself when transitioning genders (ftm). It can sound similar to Caitlin if you don't clarify that it's "kay-luhn" instead of "kay-lin" but I still like it and I guess I serve as a male example.
I wonder how many parents have used this name, thinking it a 'creative variant' of Caitlin. This is what I initially thought, and so disliked it, until I discovered its meaning. Now I no longer dislike it, although I wouldn't use it personally. I realize it may be a boy's name, but the only Caelan I've met was a girl.
This is my name, and I think it's lovely, and I think it's best suited for a girl. (However, I've never met a boy named Caelan. Maybe if I do, and think he's nice, I'll like it as a unisex name).
The name Caelan was given to 53 boys born in the US in 2015.
In the book series Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy, Caelan was the name of a vampire. And as a fyi, the book was set in Ireland.
Kahlan (Kay-lin) is the name of the Mother Confessor in the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. In the TV show, Legend of the Seeker, she is played by Bridget Reagan.
But in that series it is spelled Kay-len, or maybe Kay-lən, rather than Kay-lin.
This is my husband's name but his is spelt Kaelyn.
This is a boys name in my opinion. When I used to live in NY one of my best friends was a little boy named Cailen.
This name is the Scottish form of "Nicholas".
Canadian idol winner: Kalen Porter (male).
I have seen it spelled Kalen and used for a boy which I thought was nice.
I like this name for a boy but prefer the spelling Kalen. I have seen this as Irish, Celtic meaning warrior.
I personally think that Caelan is a beautiful name, both for a boy or a girl.

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