I like this name, I think it’s modern yet somewhat classic. Yet modern. The name seems very serious yet still youthful but I have to say one thing, I don’t like it on a boy. I guess it’s okay on a boy but it seems weird. On a girl or just fits better, it’s like Hunter on a girl, made for a boy but fits perfectly for a girl. I think it’s sporty and strong but just not super masculine.
I dig it! I dig it a lot!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone will immediately think of the city.
Who in their right minds would ever name a kid this? People feel baffled by it.
Cairo isn't anymore exotic than naming your kid China, India, London and Paris. I think it's a cool name and would consider using it.
Super cringy to name a kid this.
The name Cairo was given to 266 boys born in the US in 2016.
Cairo Fernandes Santos is a Brazilian professional American football placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Santos was signed by the Chiefs as an undrafted free agent in 2014. He played in college at Tulane. He is the first Brazilian born player in NFL history.
I really like it. Even though it's unique, it's not out there or pretentious. It's simple and sounds like someone I would know.
Who would name their kid after the capital of a country with such a patriarchal, misogynistic culture?
The name Cairo is unisex. I've met two girls with this name.
Night Boat To Cairo is a song by Madness.
This is mostly a place name to me, but I love the sound of it.
I adore the name Cairo. Although I don't mind it on a boy, whenever I say it I think of a girl. I've tried spelling it in a different way so that it looks less place name-y or feminine, but... yeah... too trendy. Couldn't actually do it without wanting to stab out my eyeballs.
I love the name Cairo for a boy only. I think it is an under utilized place name that has a rather exotic flair with out being too eccentric.
Cairo means "Mars" (the planet). Nothing else. Kai and Cai are completely unrelated.

I prefer it on a girl.
Model Beverly Peele has a daugther named Cairo.
I adore this name! I have loved Egypt since I was a child. I have loved the name Cairo for at least 7 years. I would love to use it, I like it on a boy.
My son's name, though we call him Cai for short. I obviously am really fond of this name for personal reasons as well as what it implies, for example: Exotic Egypt, it means Victorious, Cai is a variant of Kai which means 'Sea' in Hawaiian, and a character out of one of my favourite books and so on.
I'm afraid that my daughter will be known as Cairo. Her name will be Kyra O'___. To me it sounds a little exotic.

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