This is a scary name but yet beautiful.
I would just like to say that I have this name, it is a good name. I heard that it means pure beauty in the old Irish language... not sure if there is any truth to this , but I sure hope so. I hope it doesn't mean purely ugly.
The Irish version of "Katie".
This name is the diminutive of Cáit or Cáitríona.
My name is Caitlin and I love it. I used to hate the fact that it was not popular enough for one of those name fridge magnets when I was little, but now that it has become more popular it feels odd. I also hate the multitude of different spellings that have now sprung up, such as Katelynn, Caitlyn or Kaytelin, presumably made up by people who liked the sound of the name but did not know how to spell it; either that or they were trying to be Kre8if. Anyhow, I thank my father for choosing my name.
Also Scottish, in Scottish Gaelic it is pronounced kahsh-LEEN.
I've also seen this name pronounced "Kath-leen".
I don’t see why people are always saying “Oh it’s too popular, don’t name your child this name!” So it’s popular, who cares? Anyway about Caitlin, I'm not a fan of this name, more so the spelling.
Francine Pascal once penned a boring novel series by the name of Caitlin. I'm afraid the Caitlin in question was anything but innocent.
Caitlin is a lovely name. I love the way it looks on the page, I love the way it sounds when you say it. I think it sounds better than Katherine, and is less common than Katherine too.
It can also be pronounced as 'Coit-LEEN' or 'COIT-lin'.
Hi, I have a friend named Caitlin and she seems to be truly what her name means. She thinks no ill of anyone, she is most definitely a virgin, and she loves everything around her. If anyone deserves a name that means virginal beauty it is her. Caitlin uses no makeup and wears little jewelry, but she still seems to shine through and make everyone else seem obsolete.
The name of poet Dylan Thomas' wife.
My name is Caitlin (Kate-lynn) and there are many other ways to spell it. Caitlin is the Irish form of Kathrine which is my grandmother's name. My father is MOSTLY Irish and so am I. Caitlin also means purity and virginity. My name defines who I am and where I come from and I wouldn't want my name to be anything different.
Also pronounced, in some parts, like "KAHCH-leen", since the "t" is flanked by slender vowels ("i"'s, in this case).

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