I love this name, and wish it was mine. I don't think of California, I think of calico cats, which I adore!
This name always makes me think of a dim-witted California girl with bleached blonde hair and orange skin who wears short shorts with a bikini top and says "like" like every other word. Not a good image!
Adorable name! It doesn't remind me of California, and both Cali and Callie are amazing names!
Yucky... reminds me of California abbreviations.
The name itself sounds okay-ish but it reminds me of California and all the obnoxious e-celebs and bad policies it has. Callie is better in my opinion.
This name can ALSO be a variant of KAYLEE.
When THIS name can be a variant of KAYLEE, it's PRONOUNCED /ˈkeɪ.li/ (KAY-lee).
Reminds me of California.
Cali is the name of a city located in southwestern Colombia.

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