What a gem of a name! I love the meaning dove, it’s so majestic and peaceful. I didn’t think much of it until I watched the Dragon Prince (which RULES, by the way, you should totally watch it!), in which Callum, the main character, is a loveable dork, so I have great connotations. The nickname Cal is very sweet.
This name is super common where I live (London). Whenever I meet a Callum, he always happens to be a teenage boy, I don't know why.
I love the name Callum. It’s a handsome name, not very common here in the US, and a combination of many names my husband and I favor such as Aaron, Calvin, Liam, Malcolm, Camron, and Alan. Callum was a happy medium and we ultimately chose it for our son. I love the meaning “dove” as well. It suits our little boy. Also it reminds me of the word calm. I think a nice nickname would be Cam if you don’t like Cal. Great name. I recommend.
I’m sorry but I don’t like the sound of this name. Also it reminds me of 3 things: Calcium, Cum, and Callous. Names that are similar but better in my opinion are Calvin, Colin, and Caleb.
Honestly, it's kind of handsome sounding!
Prince Callum from the Netflix series, The Dragon Prince.
This name sounds gentle.
Callum is the name of the top shagger alpha male that owns the YouTube channel Callum's Corner, I think everyone should call their kids Callum in his honor.
I used to like this name when I heard it in a Scottish film years ago. It was spelled Calum. Now I find Callum cold and it evokes a feeling of sadness. I'm not sure what it is about it but whenever I see or hear this name I feel depressed. I much prefer Calvin as it sounds lively and fun. Callum to me sounds flat and dull. The nickname Cal is nice. I hope I didn't offend anyone but this is just how I feel about the name. I think it might be the ending that bothers me. I feel the same way about the name Liam which ends in the same sound.
It does sort of sound like a body part, but it sounds very handsome. Don't know why people are saying it won't age well. It's not something recently invented, and I personally can imagine a Callum of any age.
It's okay and I know quite a few people with this name being from England, but I prefer its Scottish counterpart, Cameron.
I'm going to be calling my son Callum...his nanna came up with a nickname already for him (Murray) calamari.
Callum Hudson-Odoiiiiii.
Don't like it. Makes me think of calcium and callous. Odd name.
Callum is the name of one of my best guy friends in the world, and I really love his name. It’s unique and special, and he looks exactly like I would picture a Callum in my head. He is wonderful and truthfully amazing, and so is anybody with this name.❤️❤️❤️.
Sounds like the part of a body.
I am a Callum aswell. I do live in the UK where it is a reasonably popular name but by no means very popular as in my school of about 1500 people there can't be any more than 6 or 7 other Callums, however there are 3 in my year so take what you want from that. I've never heard of or been the subject of abuse or teasing because of my name or any connotations that come with it. My mum has always said she loves the name Callum and although at first I didn't think much of it, it is growing on me as a name. In terms of heritage it is both Irish and Scottish but I think the Irish spell it with only one 'l'. I would recommend it if you are looking for a strong relatively unique name with a historic meaning. Especially if you are living outside the UK as from what I have seen, it is very unique.
The name Callum was given to 348 boys born in the US in 2016.
I strongly dislike Callum.
It reminds me the word "callo" which in Italian means "callus".
Callum Innes is a Scottish abstract painter, a former Turner Prize nominee and winner of the Jerwood Painting Prize. Callum Innes was born in Edinburgh. He studied at Gray's School of Art (1980–84) and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1985. Innes began exhibiting in the mid-to-late 1980s and in 1992 had two major exhibitions in public galleries, at the ICA, London, and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Since then he has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Britain, Europe, North America, New Zealand and Asia.
I had to laugh at some of these comments, especially the "won't age well". I am a Callum - I hope I am aging well? I am called Cal by everyone who knows me. Other wordplay on the name Callum (for nicknames) just doesn't stick, probably because most words that rhyme are too tenuous for people to adopt. And in Australia that is amazing as just about everyone gets a nickname. I've actually only ever received positive comments about my name. Not particularly common in Australia or New Zealand, more so in the UK. I have never had someone pronounce it Cay-lum. Parents - feel free to use this Scottish name without fear it will impede your son's happiness or success in life in any way! :-D
P.S. - I do a great impersonation of Gollum (Smeagol) from Lord of the Rings.
I think this name is classy and handsome! However, I would be concerned with people associating Callum with callus, given that I am American. It is not really common on this side of the pond. But it's a nice name!
You know what? Who cares about that? There is no relation whatsoever to "callus."
It is never pronounced Cay-lum, certainly not in England or Scotland where it originated and is a top 100 name. It also doesn't make sense to pronounce it that way using basic rules of the English language. The "a" is short before the double "l" and the pronunciation will always be "Cal-lum." If you're looking for the pronunciation of Cay-lum, then change the spelling to just that for your child.
Could also be pronounced as Cay-lum. This is actually the only way I've ever heard it said.
What I love about this name is that it's NOT modern trash. Dates back to the Scottish Middle Ages. My son is the only Callum in his school of 600 kids and love that he has a unique name to our area. This name will age well because when he's old people can call him Cal.P.S. What is a Chav name?
In the UK the word "Chav" is used to describe a lower-class person. They're associated with wearing tracksuits, living in council houses, being on benefits, wearing cheap bling e.g. hoop earrings, having bad teeth, being unintelligent, being violent, being rude etc. The word "Chav" is used as an insult, not in a friendly way. I'm from the UK and Callum is definitely not a chav name. The name Callum has history. Examples of names that tend to be seen as chavvy are Kayden, Brayden, Chantelle, Chardonnay, Chanel, Demi-Leigh, Kenzie, Mercedes, Kayla, Kaylee etc. IsolationHedge probably said that as he/she may have come across chavs/a chav called Callum. It's ridiculous how people call decent names like Leah, Josh, Dylan, Lauren etc. Chavvy!
No offense to anyone with this name, but I think it is ugly, overused (I know 8 people with this name) and makes me think of Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Also, it's a bit of a chav name round here.
This is such a handsome name! ^_^ Looks great, sounds great. The meaning of Callum is adorable also! =D xx.
This is a brand new favourite of mine and I'm falling hard for it. I have it on my list paired as Aubrey Callum.
This is my eldest's name (he's 14). We wanted a name that wasn't going to be run of the mill boring, we didn't want a name that everyone else had (like in the 90s when EVERYONE was named Ashley - ugh), and we didn't want a made up trashy soap opera name. It also drives me to drink when people spell names phonetically - like Michaela being spelled MacKaylah. Why don't you just wear a t shirt that says "My Parents Are Illiterate". My husband has Irish background so we chose gaelic names. I think it's great.
Why/how did this name become so popular? I know it's pronounced differently from column, but it still sounds & looks like column.
Clearly you cannot read the pronunciation key for this name correctly. The first part is pronounced just like the "Cal" in Calvin. And NOT like the "aw" in "column."
Ew ew ew. I have to agree, this wont age well. What's up with all these Scottish and Irish names becoming trendy these days?
"Modern trash?" This is not a made-up trendy name. It's an old name and reflects Scottish heritage.I named my son this to reflect the Scottish heritage on my mom's side of the family. Everybody really seems to like it, and I like that he won't be one of 10 Callums in his class when he reaches school age.I heard the name because of actor Callum Keith Rennie, who starred in Battlestar Galactica and the short-lived The Firm tv series.
What the heck is this recently invented modern trash?! It sounds like column, and quite frankly will not age well at all.
Not very common in the US, but I would not hesitate to name my son Callum to reflect my Scottish heritage. It's a beautiful name.
Callum Ferguson (b 1984), Australian cricketer from Adelaide. He currently plays for South Australia.
Callum Blue is a British actor who was in the Princess Diaries 2 as Andrew Jacoby.
I really like this name. It's easy to say, yet still fairly strong. And I love the nickname Cal for a boy.
My brother's name. It's common in the UK but it suits him and he's a great guy!
I love this name. If I was a boy I would of been a Callum and I liked it then and I like it now especially after reading Noughts and Crosses. It's such a beautiful name.
I have NO idea why this is popular.
What? This is callus/callosity in Latin. Like, the thing in your feet.And it makes me think in the adjective callous, which derives from the previous.
This name is also used in Ireland.
Callum Blue is the cute English actor from the TV shows _Dead Like Me_ and _Secret Diary of a Call Girl_.
Possible bearer of the name could be the character Cal Grady in Darren Shan's Demonata series. It is unknown whether 'Cal' is short for Callum - but it is possible.
I read 'Naughts and Crosses' and I didn't like the name after that.
I love the name Callum. I only met one boy with the name Callum 12 years ago and haven't seen the name since. Callum Reid sounds nice together.
Callum McGregor is one of the two main characters in a novel called Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. It's a Romeo and Juliet style romance between a black girl called Persephone and Callum, who is white in a parallel world where black dominates white. It's incredibly moving.
I think the name Callum was an excellent choice on the author's part because the sound of the name suits him, as does the original meaning of "dove". Callum is selfless and noble and brave, and I think the etymology of the name enforces that.
I love this name so much I called my second son it. Callum Michael Alan. It has a nice ring to it.
Meaning disciple or servant of Columbia (metaphorically: peace, dove), variant of Malcolm. Callum is especially a Scottish name from the end of the Middle Ages.

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