Calum Scott is a singer.
One of your contributors prefers 2 ls. This is the surname derivative, one l is the correct spelling of a forename. Incidentally and more importantly the site fails to recognise that Calum is the Scottish Gaelic (Irish Gaelic is Colm) diminutive of the more widely used MALCOM or MALCOLM. Which originally meant disciple of Columba who introduced Christianity to Scotland circa 600AD.
Calum Hood is the bass guitarist of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer :)
Calum Worthy on the Disney Channel pronounces is KAY-lum.
Calum Worthy is an actor on Disney Channel.
The best spelling!
I personally find the spelling Callum ugly and even worse the pronunciation KAY-LUM. Why would you even want to pronounce it like that? Otherwise this name is quite nice and not overly used.
This is a great name and very strong, but I prefer the spelling Callum. When there's only one L I want to say KAY-lum.
One of actor Hugh Laurie's middle names. His full name is James Hugh Calum Laurie.
One of the most beautiful names ever! Unusual and a sweet meaning, love it! :-)
I love the meaning! Sweet name.

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