While Calypso is absolutely a name from Greek mythology, my first association with it is... steel drums and Carnival. As kitsch as the cruise industry has made it for Western audiences (Calypso music has quite the political, censorship-battling history), it's pretty much impossible not to be happy while listening to it.
Calypso is a song by John Denver, referencing Jacques Cousteau's boat "Calypso".
Beautiful. Reminds me of a pretty island girl. ❤️.
I love this for a girl. Calypso reminds me of a beach vacation: happy, light-hearted summer days.
I'm surprised some people on here expected this to be a boy's name. It sounds very feminine to me.
In the Papa Louie Arcade games, the name of the location in Freezeria is called Calypso Island along with Calypso sauce.
Calypso Lemonade is a really delicious brand of soft drink. It makes for an interesting namesake, especially with such a unique, exotic name.
To all those who are surprised that it was a girl’s name instead of a boy’s name, honestly who cares? There was a time when names like Ashley, Whitney, and Evelyn were boy’s names, and now they are almost exclusively girl’s names in modern culture. Girls have been stealing boy’s names for generations now, so I think it’s fair that boys should have some girl’s names to balance things out.
And the only reason I thought it was a boy’s name at first was because my only association with the name, up until finding this page, was the John Denver song “Calypso”, which he named after Jacques Cousteau’s boat. And even with this revelation that it’s actually a girl’s name, it doesn’t change my appreciation for the name as a whole. And if I have a son some day, I’m totally gonna push for at least one of his middle names to be Calypso.
I was so surprised when I saw people thought this was a boy's name - I've never thought about it that way at all. I think Calypso is a beautiful name. The myths featuring Calypso might seem bad at first, but Calypso really wasn't the selfish women people think her to be. She attracted romantic attention from all sorts of heroes, though the most famous was Odysseus. And, I think you're forgetting that Calypso was punished for siding with her family, even though they might have been morally wrong, and doubted herself throughout her long lifetime while suffering many heartaches. Not to mention being a skilled sorceress, and a style of music. I think the syllables all collapse onto each other very well, and just the name makes you want to dance to Calypso music.
I mean Calypso is a kind of music from Trinidad and Tobago, and as someone in steel pan bands, I have to say I wouldn't use it as a name. Add it to the fact that I know too much about Greek myth and you have a problem with it on people. I mean I really am neutral on the name but I strongly associate it with those things. Nice sounding name though.
Calypso is actually quite popular here in Sydney at least. There is software, restaurants, cruise company, etc. I personally find the name intriguing as it is quite similar sounding to 'Eclipse' or 'Apocalypse'.
Calypso is so unique and rare. I love it!
Calypso Valois, French singer.
Calypso appears in Percy Jackson, too. Pretty snazzy name though.
I like it as a name. It's nice, and Calla is a nice short form. It sounds sort of exotic but not too weird, and classic but not pretentious.
In my family, it's a tradition to name the female characters after Greek Mythology. My mom, Athena, named me Calypso. At first I hated it- I got teased relentlessly (especially when they found out what Calypso did in the myths), so I gave myself the nickname "Callie". I later began to like the name- but I still go by Callie.
A stunning name. Exotic, but not weird and frou-frou.
Calypso was the daughter of Atlas, protector of peace on an island.
This is also a name in the Romani (Gypsy) language.
There is a song called "Calypso" about the sea nymph from mythology sung by Suzanne Vega.
I think Calypso is unique and I am proud that it is rare. I like the way it sounds like ways clashing over each other when you say the name out loud. It also has a mysterious sound to it.
This is my middle name and I HATE it. I think it sounds like a boys' name, and on top of that the syllables just fall all over each other in an messy way. It even has a terrible meaning--who wants their namesake to be a jealous, selfish woman who traps a man on her island for seven years because she can't accept that he loves another woman. I would have thought twice about this one.
A calypso is a type of jump/turn in dancing. It's a very beautiful and graceful leap, and so the name seems rather lovely.
Calypso is my middle name and I love it! It is very unique [I have never met anyone else called this] and I am proud of that. I think it sounds beautiful and exotic. I got teased about it a bit as a child [Calippo ice lollies and all that] but I still liked it. I personally don't think it would work as a boy's name at all.
Due to it ending with an o I thought this was a boy's name when I first saw it and I liked it then, but after finding out it is a female name I HATE it.
Calypso is also a type of music from the West Indies.
This name is a character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This name suits her because she adores and knows a lot about the ocean.
If you are exact she doesn't know a lot about the ocean in the Pirates of the Caribbean but she is the ocean or part of it as she is so called sea goddess.
Shame there's an ice lolly called this. :(
Darn companies!
Pronounced ka-LIP-so. [noted -ed]
I think it sounds like a dance. But it would be a good name for a parrot or another exotic creature.
I think Calypso sounds very exotic. It's really nice!
Calypso is my middle name. If I had to be called something else, I would be called Calypso, as my name is Annabel. Calypso also means Sea Nymph.
I love this name. It's really original. It sounds really exotic.

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