Yes this looks very different but it makes it even worse when it's on a GIRL. This should not be feminine.
I think it's weird.
Alongside Cooper and Parker, I don't like this as a first name. Campbell is too surname-like and like I said before, anyone named this would be assumed that they have no first name: "Uh, what's your real name?"
Lovely meaning.. :|
I am generally not much into surname-y names or unisex names, but I do quite like Campbell. Not love, but like. It has a nice sound, and I like its Scottishness. I even like it on both genders, which is rare for me with unisex names, though it feels more natural on boys, but in turn for girls it has a bunch of truly adorable and cute nicknames. I don't like it enough though to use it myself, even if I had children. The meaning is truly horrid, but there are names like Claudia or Cecilia which also don't have the nicest meanings, and still have their fans, and unless you look the meaning up it's not obvious what it means from the way it sounds, so if you can get past it, I think it shouldn't be a big deal as it doesn't sound like anything offensive in English. As a Pole, I didn't know what was the deal with all the comments about the soup people wrote about so had to look it up. Nevertheless, because I didn't know about Campbell Soup Company until now, it's obviously not a problem to me, but I can easily understand why it would be a problem for others and I don't think it's a matter of growing up or not. :D.
"Mmm Mmm Good."

(Campbell's Soup commercial)
Hi, my name is Campbell and I like the name a lot. It is a good name for a girl or boy, and if you think of soup only, maybe you think about soup too much! (lol) I think Campbell is a very pretty name, but it's often confused with "Camel", "caramel", or "Kimber" so I often like going by Bell, Bella, Ell, Ellie, or Cami. If you're thinking of naming your kid this, it's a good idea! I looked through a lot of the comments... all the people who think the name is great, have -likes, all the people who are rude about it, get a bunch of likes?! Huh.
I met two people with this name, one boy and one girl. I like the sound of it and it would be cute on a boy, but I hate the meaning. I dislike Campbell on girls as it sounds too masculine. At least other names that used to be masculine but are now used on girls sound feminine enough, and turning every other male name unisex because of those names is just adding fuel to the fire.
“It reminds me of soup.” Oh, give it a rest! And George reminds you of a monkey. So what?
In most cases, girls named Campbell are named after mother’s maiden names.
All this talk of girls shouldn’t have boy names...I bet most of you don’t have a problem with girls named Carol, Claire/Clare or Ashley.
I only think of the soup when I hear this. Only sounds good as a surname.
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX -- as seen on the US chart. [noted -ed]
My name is Campbell. I hated my name growing up, but not because I was made fun of, but because it was so different. As I’ve gotten older (I’m almost 20) I LOVE my name because it’s different. Like I said, I was never made fun of because of my name. Most people like it. I’ve never met anyone else with my name and I like that. I have noticed it’s getting more popular for boys. I’ve seen 3 TV shows recently with male characters named Campbell. If you honestly turn your nose up and laugh at the name Campbell because you think of soup, please grow up. I’ve heard WAY worse lol.
The meaning crooked mouth isn't nice but we have to remember we all got nicknames from somewhere. Why should a crooked mouth man named Campbell be any different. Now my first name is Donald and it means World Leader so there's that, ha ha.
Better as a surname, or maybe a middle name. The meaning isn't very nice either.
I personally love this name. My great grandfather’s name was Campbell. I am hoping to name my first child Campbell because it’s a name in my family’s history. The first thing I think of whenever I hear the name Campbell, I don’t think of soup. If you think of soup whenever you hear Campbell, grow up.
Um, people can't just change their most prominent associations. Plus, just because the name reminds someone of soup doesn't mean they are immature. Making fun of someone named Campbell because of the association is something entirely different. Besides, you probably associate the name Barbie with Barbie dolls, Bedelia with the Amelia Bedelia books, Hermione with Harry Potter, and many more. Maybe you should grow up :)
My granddaughter is named Campbell. Her maternal grandmother is of the Scottish clan Campbell and she was given the name in recognition of her Scottish heritage. It suits her and it’s not that common.
As for the soup comments, grow up.
Crooked mouth? What a meaning!
Only fits as a last name. Also ridiculous on a girl.
The name Campbell was given to 177 boys in the US in 2017.
I don’t understand how so many people, all of a sudden, can hear Campbell and not immediately think of canned, condensed soup. I could understand if it’s a family name or a common surname where you live, but the association is so strong outside of those cases.
I am a girl named Campbell and I used to hate my name. And I mean HATE. I thought my father named me after Earl Campbell because he's an old longhorns player. My nickname is Chicken Noodle (which I still hate). I love my name now because it's unique. I personally think Campbell is better as a girl name and not a boy name. Hate if you want, but it's my opinion.
Okay, why do people hate this name for a girl? I know a Campbell and she is quirky, funny, fun and smart! Plus, I just love the name. At times though, people do nickname her soup or Campbell soup, but I would actually prefer that over everyone freaking out when they see the John F. Kennedy coin and freaking out because Kennedy is my name.
Horrible name. Especially for a girl.
I know someone who actually lives in a city named "Campbell", so I couldn't possibly imagine it being used other than as a surname and place name, much less a feminine personal name. Plus, as many others before me have mentioned, all I can think about is the soup.
We named our now 24 year old daughter Campbell Quill. She is our second child of five and my favorite name of all of them: Maxwell Patrick, Campbell Quill, Quinn Robert, Lilly Angela, and Briggs Elizabeth. She LOVES her name and wouldn't change it for anything!
The little girl I work with at my camp is named Campbell. I didn't like the name at first, but now I love it because of her.
I named my 8 year old daughter Campbell and we love the name. My grandmother's maiden name was Campbell and I wanted to honor her.
She loves her name, as do we. She has never once been made fun of in any way, and has never been called soup.
We named our daughter Campbell because it was my maiden name. I am the only grandchild on my Campbell side of my family, and once I got married, my family name was gone. I gave it to her as a first name to carry on my family name. Her name is Campbell Lynn and we are always getting compliments on it! She is 7 years old and loves her name!
My name is Campbelle! Like the name listed here, but with an E on the end. I am a sixteen year old girl and I absolutely love my name! I know it's not the most feminine name, but I feel like the E really helps! I love having a unique name and I am always very proud to tell people my name. The soup comments do happen, but I usually just embrace it! I like the funny connotation. If you are thinking about naming your baby this name, I would say go for it! I love having an interesting and unique name! Also- the meaning is a bit odd, crooked mouth, but after reading someone's comment that it makes them think of a sense of humor, I love it! I definitely have a sense of humor and the meaning fits me!
My name is Campbell. I used to hate my name because I had only ever heard of boys with my name before (I am a girl). But now I've decided that I like my name. I am never mistaken for another person and the name suits me. I would be very interested to meet another Campbell.
The name Campbell was given to 224 girls and 136 boys born in the US in 2015.
Cam in Gaelic can in this instant be used as wounded. In Campbell it is an honorific originally given to Cahlin Mohr MacDunneh (Colin the big or great son of Dunneh) It was Cahlin that took a sword stroke in the mouth and survived in the 1100s. Since that time all the descendants of Cahlin (founder of clan Campbell) have used this keltic description of a battle injury as the family surname.
We named our 15-year-old daughter Campbell. This was my husband's idea. He first saw the name in the book, "The Bonfire of the Vanities." A little girl of one of the main characters had the name.

At first, I didn't like the name. Like many of you, visions of chicken-noodle soup dance in my head. It took me a while, but I warmed up to the name.

Now, I am so glad that we named her Campbell. It fits her so well. I think it's a unique, classic, no-nonsense name. Surprisingly, she rarely hears soup comments.

Our only concern is that someday she will grow up and fall in love with a man with the last name Campbell. What then? ;)
We just chose the name Campbell for our newborn son. People keep asking if it's a family name, or if we are Scottish! No, we just settled upon it as our favorite name after a lengthy and difficult search for the perfect moniker that would serve him well from childhood through adulthood. He can use the nickname Cam if he likes, although right now we have been calling him CJ since his middle name begins with J. When he's grown up he can use Campbell if he likes for a more professional, sophisticated name.

We were seeking a unique name that was not made up, and I think we succeeded. As a teacher I wanted my children to be able to be the only ones with their name in class. It sucks to always have an initial after your name your whole life, which I know from experience.
We really wanted to go with Campbell for our last baby boy. I consulted a friend that ran a local day-care and she told me they had multiple little girls enrolled with the name already. I guess I don't see it as a girl's name, but it is cute either way. We went another direction to find a hyper-masculine name to avoid the trend.
Too much of a surname and reminds me of the soup company /:
Donald Campbell (1925-1967), British speed enthusiast. He broke both the land and water speed records in Australia in 1964, which is when the name Campbell first charts in Australia. It has only ever charted for boys here.
Campbell Newman (b. 1963), current premier of Queensland in Australia. Quite controversial.
Everyone says this "name" reminds them of soup. But I think of the Scottish clan. (They were the Macdonald clans rivals) but I won't judge it based on that. I think it should be a surname only and I don't understand why you would name your kid this. It's spelled like "Camp Bell" and sounds like "Camble". Maybe it's that 'last names as first names are cool' thing. I don't know. Just my opinion.
Wait, people use this on girls?! It's not even listed as feminine, doesn't that tell you something? Thank god it's not very popular. But seriously, what's next? Naming your daughters Joseph or George?
For the person who says the next generation of girls would be named Joseph and George, they don't have a feminine ring to them, so they won't be used as a girl's name. As for the name Lee, that became unisex because it sounds nice on a girl.

Back to the name Campbell: Funny enough, my local army base is called Campbell.
Makes me think of soup. I don't like it.
I have to admit that I like this name for both genders, with the nickname Cam for a boy and Belle for a girl. The meaning isn't exactly flattering, but most people don't seem to know what their names mean anyway, so that doesn't bother me. I don't live in the States, so it obviously didn't make me think of Campbell's soup.
This sounds horrible as a first name on either sex, but particularly on a girl. This should stay a surname only. The meaning "crooked mouth" is also rather unflattering.
All I think of when I hear this name is soup.
This name is dumb. Makes me think of the soup.
A famous bearer is Bruce Campbell, actor and star of the cult classic "Evil Dead."
I don't really understand why people would want to name their daughters Campbell. It has an odd meaning and it's a surname. If Campbell was the grandmother's maiden name or something of that sort, that would be understandable. But otherwise, I don't find it to be particularly attractive. If you like the nickname "Cam," there are other names to along with that name, like "Camilla", "Camille," or "Camellia."
Makes me think of Rhinestone Cowboys and drunken country singers barrelling down the road.
This doesn't even sound like a first name boy or girl. It makes me think of soup.
Besides the whole soup connotation, the Campbells have a bad reputation amongst the Highland clans (I'm saying this as a Davidson). In particular, they're infamous for the slaughter of 78 unarmed MacDonalds after enjoying their hospitality for over a week. Even though no Campbells were involved other than the one that led the attack (Robert Campbell of Glenlyon), it was enough to badly stain the name Campbells' name.

Also, name a kid this and he risks getting nicknamed "Campy." Ouch.
Well the name Campbell is one of the most organic names ever to be created. It's very exquiste and social. I think it is a excellent name for a person.
Campbells Soup! I don't eat it, but I know it well from all the "Chicken Noodle, Possibilites" commercials.
Honestly, this is not right as a first name, it should be a surname. But I only know one Campbell, and it's a "he". I'm personally terrorifed of Campbell as a girl's name. In my opinon, it shouldn't even be an boy's first name. Although, it is unique, I'll give it that.
The meaning "crooked mouth" to me connates a person with a good sense of humour.
Famous bearer: Mike Campbell.
I really love Campbell for a girl!
There is a female reporter on NBC named Campbell Brown.
I see this name used a lot for girls, I see it more as a boy's name. Not one of my favorite names though. I always think of Campbell Soup.
This needs to be kept as a boy's name.
I am reading a book called My Sister's Keeper and the little girl's lawyer in the story is Campbell Alexandra. Personally I think that they should just keep Campbell as the surname, not a name.
The lawyer of Kate Fitzgerald in "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult, was named Campbell Alexander, not Alexandra.
I remember an etymologist telling me that Campbell had both the meaning listed here and the meaning: "from a beautiful field."
In "The Guardian" by Nicholas Sparks a police officer or sheriff has a young daughter named Campbell.

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