Camryn drives a Toyota Camry.
The Y looks pretty cute BUT on a girl only.
It’s fine, but the meaning sucks!
This spelling makes Cameron look girly. Please just use Cameron!
Why the unnecessary “y”?
My name's Camaryn. It's funny, I'm very masculine for a female. Always been a tomboy. Stood at 5"8, 200 lbs since 7th grade, and I'm pretty strong. Recently got curious to look up my name to see if it had meaning. Spelling was pretty close, turns out for a girl it means "Bent or Crooked Nose". This makes it HILARIOUS because I infact, have a HUGE BENT NOSE, LOL.
Very juvenile, trendy, and kreatyv. No idea why some people think making up trendy spellings for already trendy names is "unique", it really isn't. I already dislike Cameron on girls, but this is worse.
I love it for a girl! I also really like Kamryn.
This name can also be SOMETIMES be MASCULINE as a variant of CAMERON, making it UNISEX -- as SEEN on the USA CHART. [noted -ed]
I personally love this name and the spelling of it. I don't know why people think it's okay to say a spelling of a name is "trashy" or must mean the parents are dumb. I like the pronunciation "Cam-Ryn" and the nicknames that this spelling lends (Cam, Cami, Ryn). I am strongly considering this name for our little girl and I love that it is different.
Camryn Neveah Bridges is a dancer known for starring on “Dance Moms” with her Mom, Camille.
Kehm-rine? The y is pronounced like eye? Because that's how y works. Honestly this is the dumbest variation and it ruined the name Cameron. There is no feminine variation of Cameron, remember that. What about Carmen? I think it's a wonderful name.
People add the Y to the name because it DOES look more feminine. I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. Camryn is cute and spunky and sassy! (Kamryn is cute too!)
Just as language is constantly evolving, names will too. Especially in a country as diverse as the United States... everyone is entitled to an opinion but keep the criticism constructive. Otherwise it shows immaturity and disrespect ; )
What is it with the letter y that makes people think that it'll make a male name look more feminine?
Wow, there is something wrong with the people who think certain names belong on certain genders... my name is Kennedy and I am a girl, and people hate it. I have a female friend named Camryn and she absolutely loves her name! I mean, never said she liked any other name, and people are saying that Cameron is for boys, and Camryn is for girls. That just sounds totally wrong to me. I mean, are we all named by what gender we are? I don’t think so. Any girl can have a boy name and any boy can have a girl name. IT IS JUST SIMPLE LOGIC AND EQUALITY. CAMRYN AND CAMERON MUST BE EQUAL.
This name doesn't look at all like Cameron. It looks like some made up name or some cultural name. I prefer Carmen.
My friend's name is Camryn and I think it's a LOVELY name.
I love the name Camryn. It suits me.
Think about this... you pronounce Cameryn - Kam-er-in, whereas you pronounce Camryn - Kam-rin... if I have a girl she will be Camryn. It is perfectly balanced with three consonants and two vowels (yes, "y" is considered a vowel- I'm a reading specialist). Pronunciation matters to how words are spelled. Especially names! I have a terrible time reading names off a roster when uneducated parents do not know letter sounds and how they interact in our language. (Then the kids get mad because I say their name incorrectly- cue the eye roll!)
The name Camryn was given to 188 boys born in the US in 2015.
I love this name. Not sure if I'd go with Camryn or Cameryn. I like both and it's definitely on the top of my list for a future daughter!
I agree with Camryn's comment above. It's my top choice and I love the name. It's a pretty strong comment/insult to call the name "trashy" jeez! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion of course, but the comments above are absolutely mean spirited and insulting. I can see when people misspell Andrew "Andru" or something just to be different, but in this case, it's a feminine twist on a unisex name. I also am not a fan of it when people change it up and it becomes impossible for others to pronounce, but Camryn flows in a way that makes perfect sense.
Um, sorry people, but I love my name. It is amazing, and I hate the thought of it having an E in it. It just looks terrible. And to all of you saying "no offense but the name is stupid and terrible", lots of offense taken. You can't just say something like that and expect it to be taken with no offense. So people, how about next time you think twice before completely insulting someone and their parents, it hurts them.
My name is Camryn and I love it. It stands very dear to my heart because my parents loved it so much, and loved me so much to decide that was the name they chose to bestow upon me. I think it is beautiful; however its quite rude and unfair to be judging proud moms-to-be about what they want to name their baby. It has nothing to do with you! There is nothing wrong with being different or creative with your baby's name. Not everyone has to be plain, common, and simple like the Marys and Jessicas that are negatively commenting. I wish everyone the best of luck; especially the little 'Camryns, Cameryns, Kamryns' etc. That will be forced to endure this unwanted/unnecessary scrutiny.
No offense, but you'd have to be pretty dumb to name your kid a misspelled Scottish surname.
I hate this name. It is so tacky and unfeminine. Cameron doesn't even sound like a girls' name (not even with this spelling).
I do like the spelling CamEryn. The boys name is spelt Cameron so the girls name should be Cameryn not Camryn, it looks wrong.
I agree that it should have an E. Cameryn looks so cute. I love this name (Cameryn) but I hate Kamryn and Camryn. It looks like a spelling mistake! Ugh. And I also don't like this spelling cause it looks like Carmen, one of my least favorite names.
I like this spelled with an 'e' for a girl.
Cameron seems more masculine.
Camryn seems unbalanced.

Cameryn is cute and feminine, plus I adore names ending in "yn" (i.e. Madelyn, Raelyn, etc).
I don't like Cameron for a girl and I don't understand why this name leaves out the -e so I use Cameryn. I use it for a character in one of my stories.
I think this name should strictly be:
Cameron: boy
Camryn: girl
It was the way it was supposed to be anyway. So choose this instead of Cameron for a girl.
Jeez people it's just a name and in my opinion Cameron has not been "butchered", the spelling has just been changed to better suit someone's liking. Like mine - I love Camryn, but only on a girl.
I could not agree more with Missy. This name looks dreadful, tacky, and trendy. Trendy, insubstantial names drive me mad.

Are parents too lazy spell and pronounce the original or do they think that they are being "unique" by spelling it somewhat differently? Look at how popular that the name is; how is a name unique when every fifth girl bears it? And, parents, your daughter will not always be a child; she will grow up and she will be left with a ridiculous name that only suits a little girl.

The dignified, elegant name of Caimshròin has been butchered and a mockery has been made of it. Whoever thought of using this name should be forced to take a Respect For Language/Names course.
A horrible butchering of a once decent name that is now being overused.
I love the spelling of this name. I don't care for Cameron but I think Camryn looks really pretty.
Former Young and the Restless actress, Camryn Grimes, bears this name.
Camryn Manheim is an actress known for her portrayal of lawyer Ellenor Frutt on the T.V. show "The Practice."
Apolla DuBaer is one of the T*Witches, and Camryn Barnes is her name that she took when she was adopted.
So much for "Camshròn"; the original Gaelic has been mangled. And this name, when you know that it means "crooked nose," isn't so flattering.

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